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Jared Bass

[S3E13] The Art Of The Deal

Fen explains the Library's plan to the Fairy Queen, who says she does not care. She says that she put her people at risk by breaking the original fairy deal with the McAllister family. She then offers a new deal to Irene: she will give herself up to Irene to be turned into fairy dust in exchange for the McAllisters and the Library never hunting another fairy again, forever. As a royal fairy, she has the power of fifty fairies in her bones. The Fairy Queen says that her offer expires in one minute and Irene accepts and orders equipment to begin the process of chopping up the Fairy Queen. Fen asks the Queen for another way but the Queen says the deal is struck. Fen sheds tears for the Queen. Later, the Queen is strapped to a table while Irene examines her tools. The Queen tells Irene that she has made a deal that she will regret. Irene replies that the Queen won't be around to know either way. The Queen replies that at least she will die a queen while Irene will never be anything more than a power hungry little girl. Irene stabs the Queen and kills her.

[S3E13] The Art of the Deal


Kevin informs Angela that the corporate office has yet to receive important tax documents and warns Angela that if she forgot to send them in, "it is a big deal." Angela states that Corporate received the documents that morning, but appears troubled. Dwight arrives at the office, where Angela has intently perched herself near reception. Angela asks if everything is okay, and Dwight informs her that she "is in the clear." Angela is visibly relieved.

Both Sides Now saw each of our characters confronting all sides of themselves. Purity struggled with her identity. Sam reached a breaking point when she abandoned Ruby. Alex had to confront both sides of her life. Even Kara and Mon-EL were dealing with identity.

Both Sides Now saw some major character development as well as action. I liked most of the the story this week. We got to see most of our characters dealing with their duality. While some of the Alex drama seemed a little forced and CW-esk, I thought most of the story was good. We actually got people confronting real issues in somewhat mature ways. Plus is pushes the idea that these Wordkillers can be redeemed. Overall a good episode to hold us over until we return in April.

Lilly re-opens the 1968 case of an 18-year-old young woman who died -- apparently accidentally -- the night of her debutante ball. Now her mother comes forth with new evidence when a local art dealer is accused of murdering his wife in the same manner in which the debutante died.

Alana goes to Hannibal's cell to tell him that the FBI has a deal on the table for him. She tells him that Jack believed that if Jack offered Hannibal the deal, than Hannibal would merely torture Jack. "Quite right too," says Hannibal. Alana tells Hannibal that the Dragon faked his death, and now they want to fake Hannibal's escape to use him as bait. Hannibal demands his books and privileges back if he is to help, but also notes the inherent dangers in such a ruse, "I might escape in earnest," he says. "You died in my kitchen, Alana. When you decided to be brave. Every moment since is borrowed. Your child. Your wife. They belong to me."

Alana reports back to Jack and Will and says that Hannibal will accept the deal if Will asks. "I'll say pretty please," says Will. Jack raises concerns about what the people will do when they hear Hannibal has escaped, but Will wants to take it further by telling them that he let Hannibal escape, "Someone has to be close when the Dragon comes," says Will. Alana asks what then. "We kill Dolarhyde and then we kill Hannibal," says Jack.

Do we think that there will be some sort of conclusion to the Sunny storyline? Sure, and we should also point out that Jensen Ackles only signed a one-season deal to appear as Beau. His future remains unclear, but you can argue that the future for the show itself is equally so. There is no season 4 renewal as of this writing and we may not actually know if it is being renewed for a few more months! (This could lead to a special kind of torture in the event that there is some sort of epic cliffhanger at the very end of the road.)

Cate Arnold: [00:12:21] So, we've been pushing that kind of thing in our school, and with some success, because it's an old, old, old, old, old school, you know, 1635, it takes a lot to deal with that kind of freight of tradition. I think, in some ways, the larger world is no different.

Cate Arnold: [00:29:53] I still would've loved to have put a state-of-the-art [00:30:00] shared sustainability center, on the roof of that school, that other schools ... With a plan initially, was that they could access it externally. That other schools would come there. The kids had envisioned all kinds of things, like a Peru Two we were gonna have, with those scenes that you get from the Prudential Tower, and you would be able to do computer overlays of how to deal with brown space, or brown fields. I've forgotten, and food deserts, and asthma locations, and that you would be teaching these big ideas of sustainability from this rooftop learning center, that had all kinds of different ways to access information, and people would come and do that there. You'd have to have somebody that would run it, but I just thought it's such a good thing for the City of Boston to have students having that targeted information, about how to think about these things, and making it [00:31:00] apparent to them. You know, teaching in that way. 041b061a72


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