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Balkan municipalities against energy poverty
Municipalities are the key stakeholders in the fight against energy poverty

The Grid is a platform for  municipalities and professionals eager to share ideas on designing of  energy efficient and healthy dwellings for all income levels.




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July 12, 2022

The Energy Community Just Transition Forum 2022 is organized in cooperation with Balkan Green FoundationCEE Bankwatch Network and Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe.

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Together against energy poverty

Network - Display your Work - Develop new projects

Municipalities are the key stakeholders in the fight against energy poverty and The Grid is here to help them to increase their readiness to change the quality of living for their citizens.


This platform was created to share knowledge & experience among its members. It is a one-stop-shop connecting you with latest activities of The Grid's supporters - energy efficiency and humanitarian organizations coming from all over the Europe.

No matter what size your municipality is or how far it is with development of green solutions. We want you to take part in our conversation. 

Whether you are a municipal employee, energy expert, student or an active citizen, we welcome everyone interested to share his ideas.

Origins & goals 

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The Grid platform was established in 2021 by a team of volunteers motivated to create a community of practice primarily targeting driven municipal staff with interest in energy poverty solutions suitable for Western Balkans. The initiative is driven by organization People in Need and inspired by two programs with community approach in its core:


People in Need is a member of SMARTER Finance for Families initiative which aims to drive change in the financing and green certification of new sustainable homes for all income groups. Backed by the European Commission’s EU H2020 programme after being piloted in Romania, this green mortgage & green certification project unites 23 organisations from 20 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Another  inspiration for The Grid is work of  Habitat for Humanity EMEA. This organization has programs and offices in 10 EU member states and 6 countries in Energy Community countries outside the EU. In partnership with USAID Habitat has been working on scaling up financing for the renovation of privately-owned multi-apartment buildings to increase energy efficiency of these buildings and to alleviate energy poverty of low income homeowners in Central and Eastern Europe. Their Programs  Residential Energy Efficiency for Low Income Households in Eurasia (REELIH) including regional knowledge sharing platform called Community of Practice for Residential Energy Efficiency and  Community Tailored Actions for Energy Poverty Mitigation are a great inspiration for this platform.

This platform is an online workspace which provides its members with:

  • Community of green hosing enthusiasts

  • Access to educational materials, webinars and information on events and funding opportunities

  • Networking with other professional and organizations in the Western Balkans and beyond

  • Cooperation on funding proposal

  • Project consulting

  • Promotion of their own content

Platform's content rules are simple:

  • non-political 

  • free

  • respectful and tolerant


Grid's Members

Become a member and put your name on the map

Our network has over 50 members  from several CEE countries. The Grid members include municipal staff, municipalities, NGO workers and other professionals from different areas including energy, architecture, spacial planning, and sustainable development. 
Find members closest to you and start a conversation. Click on the map to get more information.

Create your own profile - display your work and boost your visibility. Choose to create  a profile as an individual or on behalf of your municipality and share as much information you want! 

Check out who else is here! Follow other members to make sure you won't miss their latest updates. 

Interested to start a new chat? Go to groups and start a new one or join  existing group.

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Discussion Groups
Stone Hut


Whether you are looking for partners for your project, twinning municipality or just want to chat about your favourate topic. We have you covered. Join discussion groups or create your own in the language of your preference. 


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