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In the same manner, groups can discuss how multiple issues related to a topic can be explored. In addition, students can be presented with a statement that raises a controversial issue, and the Four Corners technique is an excellent strategy for promoting analytical thinking and decision making when groups are unable to reach consensus. The following is an example of such a statement:


A student in the Class of 2010 has completed the Newcomb-Orcus Latin and Greek Course. A student in the Class of 2010 may read the course book, which he or she will be expected to complete in addition to the Latin in Latin II. Students read in English.

Each student will be given a statement and asked to move to the corner that best represents the positions held by that student. After the presentation the teacher will ask a question about each student in the corner in turn. It is then the student's job to respond on a piece of paper and write down a student's answer (5 of them). Students will be responsible for checking each other's work.

Book in the world is a series of art events, texts, and performances which have been published by Autonomedia Press, an independent anarchist publishing house, since 2000. For over two decades, Autonomedia has helped to make the inherent brilliance and urgency of a political-artistic project accessible to a broad readership and to audiences outside of New York. Focussing on the process of publishing work with Autonomedia, as well as the relationship of Autonomedia Press to the various art forms under its tutelage, is a documentation of the shifting terrain of the present-day field of critical and political art. Book in the world is a chronicle of these shifts in theory and practice, as it documents the process of articulating political action as a transdisciplinary practice that enacts the disruption of established, mainstream culture in a range of arts practices.


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