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Sas For Mac

  • Hi James - do you know how to get SAS loaded on an Apple MAC?Please note that this only for Intel based Macintosh machines. If yourmachine is new within the last 5 or so years, it will be an IntelMac. If you want to be sure you have an Intel, go to the Apple men andchoose About This Mac and then look at the Processor line tosee what you have.Sadly, there is no native Macintosh SAS program since version 6.2. Theonly recourse you have are:Run SAS OnDemand for Academics

  • Run SAS under an emulated Windows enviroment (Crossover Mac, unsuccessful)

  • Run SAS under Windows via Apple's Boot Camp

  • Run SAS under Windows in a Virtual Machine (VMWare, Parallels, VirtualBox)

  • SAS OnDemand is probably the simplest solution, but requires a highspeed network connection.Codeweavers Crossover Mac I couldn't get this to work, circa December 2012. However, a brave soulmight take another crack at it with an updated version. downloadtheir trial software and see if SAS can be made to work.The following solutions need a properly licensed copy ofWindows. Windows isn't inexpensive, so shop around. Also,an Upgrade version will not work unless you have an old copy ofWindows to "upgrade" from.While the last two seem the same, they are not in that Boot Campdirectly boots your Mac into Windows - you're not running Mac OS X atthe same time. With version 3 of Boot Camp, you can access your filesin either direction.I haven't used Boot Camp, so the best I can do is refer you to thisHowTo posted on iClarified.Your remaining option is to run a virtual machine: VirtualBox (free), VMWare Fusion ($80), orParallels ($80).Download and install VirtualBox (free)Download andinstall VMWare(you can try it for free).Download andinstall Parallels(you can try it for free).These products all do the same thing: emulate, by a program that runsunder Mac OS X, a relatively simple Intel computer. It acts like aphysical computer, so you can install an operating system and programsto that operating system.At this point, you simply need to:Run the virtual machine software of your choice, and have it guide you

  • Install Windows on that virtual machine

  • Install SAS to Windows

While that sounds hard, it usually isn't. And If you set up filesharing and save your files to the Mac side, you can have access toyour files even when the virtual machine isn't running. Google Maps Email Office: 214 OSB117 N. Woodward Ave.P.O. Box 3064330 Tallahassee, FL32306-4330

Sas For Mac

While SAS does not produce a version of its software that runs natively on the Apple Macintosh, many SAS users successfully access SAS features from the Mac. This article provides a list of the supported methods.

Note: SAS OnDemand for Academics can also be used with specialized tools such as SAS Enterprise Miner, SAS Enterprise Guide, and SAS Forecast Studio. (These are used in registered courses only with guidance from a professor.) These tools are not supported in a native Mac environment, but may be used from a virtualized Windows environment running on a Mac.

You can use SAS for Windows on an Apple Macintosh, but only via a Windows OS that you have running using Parallels or another virtual machine technology that hosts the supported Windows operating system for the version of SAS you have. While this is not an officially tested configuration for SAS, many SAS customers report success with this method.

Refer to this support guidance about using SAS in virtualization environments. Parallels, VMWare, and Boot Camp are all examples of virtualization software that can host a Windows environment where you install SAS. Once you've installed a supported Windows system in your virtualization tool, you can install and use SAS just as you would under native Windows. Note that SAS Technical Support cannot help with questions that are specific to configuring SAS to run on a Mac.

Note that SAS 9.4 and most of its client applications (including SAS Enterprise Miner) are not installable/usable on a Mac equipped with an M1 ARM chip. The Windows-based applications are built for the Intel x64 architecture.

SAS Analytics Pro is a product bundle that includes Base SAS, SAS/STAT, SAS/GRAPH, and optionally more modules. The SAS Viya version of this offering is container-based, deployed using Docker. Mac users can use Docker on the MacOS to deploy and run SAS Analytics Pro, and access its capabilities using SAS Studio in a local browser. See the deployment guide for SAS Analytics Pro to learn more about MacOS support. This article features a demonstration of how to set up SAS Analytics Pro for SAS Viya on your MacBook.

If you need interactive statistical software that installs and runs natively on a Mac, consider JMP software from SAS. JMP is available for Windows and Mac operating systems. See the JMP product page for more information and a link to a free trial version.

With the continued enhancements of SAS Studio and given Viya's integration with SAS studio, one must wonder whether Display Manager and Enterprise Guide's day's are numbered. It would seem to make sense to maintain only one interface (Jupyter notebooks being a possible exception), particularly as SAS Studio comes up to speed in comparison to the other interfaces. Has the SAS Institute any guidance in this direction? We may be moving to a grid environment soon. I'd rather not recommend learning Enterprise Guide if it is going to be deprecated and Studio is really the direction things are heading.

@jimbarbour SAS Enterprise Guide is a great environment for SAS 9.4 (including grid computing) and will be supported for many years to come. But in SAS Viya, SAS Enterprise Guide is not an option. The latest version of SAS Studio that comes with SAS Viya and CAS continues to get new features that bring the best of EG forward and then some.

Whether you're a professor, teacher, student or independent learner, you can get easy access to powerful SAS software via the cloud. Setup is easy, too. After you get set up, a broadband internet connection is all you'll need to run the best analytics software in the world.

In 1975 he transferred into the Special Air Service. He was a lance corporal in 1980, serving in Pagoda Troop, 'B' Squadron, 22 SAS Regiment, when he led "Blue Team" in the storming of the Iranian Embassy in London during a hostage siege on 5 May 1980.[citation needed] McAleese fought in the Falklands War in 1982, and in The Troubles. He was awarded the Military Medal for gallantry in action at the Loughgall ambush in County Armagh on 8 May 1987,[4] and was present at the Drumnakilly ambush in County Tyrone in August 1988.[5] He also served as a bodyguard for three Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom.[6] He was discharged from the British Army on 8 February 1992 with the rank of staff sergeant.[2][1]

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McAleese married twice. On 20 August 2009 his elder son, Sergeant Paul McAleese of 2nd Battalion The Rifles,[10] was killed on active service in Afghanistan by a roadside bomb during a foot patrol in Helmand Province.[1]

McAleese died on 26 August 2011 of a heart attack in his sleep at the age of 62 in Thessaloniki, Greece, where he was living. His funeral was held at Hereford Cathedral.[11] He was survived by his second wife, a daughter by his first marriage, and two children by his second marriage. His second wife died by suicide in November 2018.[12]

SAS 9.4 is not currently supported on any MacBook with an M1 chip based on the Advanced RISC Machines (ARM) architecture. The container binaries and Microsoft Windows binaries for SAS 9.4 are based on the Intel x64 architecture and not on ARM.

The PCENG engine, which permits SAS on the Mac to read and write PC-format data sets, has been released as part of version 6.12 and works like a charm. The Mac is now the only SAS platform which can read and write data sets in both PC and Unix formats.

Recently, a user who was considering buying a new computer was concerned about the Mac's suitability as a SAS platform. Our campus is a mixed Mac and Windows environment. The vast majority of our SAS licenses are for Windows, DOS, and OS/2, though we have a few Mac SAS users, a central Unix platform, and a number of other Unix SAS users.

The Display Manager interface on the Macintosh is somewhat different than on Windows or OS/2. The toolbar is a floating customizable palette, and the command line is also available on a palette. The log, list, and program editor windows are normal Mac windows, so the interface is more like SAS under Unix/X-windows rather than SAS on PC Windows.

While there are some liabilities to the Mac as a SAS platform compared toa PC/Windows environment, there are also some advantages, most notably (a)you have a Mac to do the rest of your stuff and (b) you have easier filetransfer with the Unix world.

The 6.12 release will probably make Mac SAS a little smoother; I suspect that the identified problems will be fixed (most notably a really buggy Options Editor interface which is being eliminated). The engine to read PC data files is a definite plus. I don't know whether the documentation problem will be fixed; if you have Mac experience, though, a lot of things are pretty obvious (and if you have SAS experience on another platform, they're even more obvious). 350c69d7ab


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