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Download Vaio Recovery Media Kit

How to Download VAIO Recovery Media Kit

If you own a Sony VAIO laptop, you may need to download a recovery media kit at some point. A recovery media kit is a set of discs or a USB flash drive that contains the original factory settings of your laptop. You can use it to restore your laptop to its original condition in case of a system failure, virus infection, or other problems.

However, not all VAIO laptops come with a recovery media kit. Some models have a recovery partition on the SSD hard drive, which stores the recovery data. You can access this partition by pressing the F10 key when you turn on your laptop. But what if you lose the recovery partition or you want to have a backup copy of it? In that case, you need to create or obtain a recovery media kit by yourself.

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How to Create a Recovery Media Kit

If your laptop has a recovery partition, you can create a recovery media kit using the VAIO Recovery Wizard. This is a program that allows you to burn the recovery data to discs or a USB flash drive. Here are the steps to create a recovery media kit:

  • Make sure your laptop is connected to a power source and close all open programs.

  • Disconnect any network connections and peripheral devices.

  • Click Start, All Programs, VAIO Recovery Wizard.

  • Select Create Recovery Media Kit (Strongly Recommended) and click Next.

  • Select the type of media you want to use: one CD and two DVDs, or 10 CDs. Note that rewritable media cannot be used and not all laptops have the capability to write to DVD media.

  • Insert the first disc or the USB flash drive and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

You can find more details about how to create a recovery media kit on the Sony Support website.

How to Obtain a Recovery Media Kit

If your laptop does not have a recovery partition or you have deleted it by mistake, you cannot create a recovery media kit using the VAIO Recovery Wizard. In that case, you need to obtain a recovery media kit from another source. One option is to use the Recovery Media Distribution Service, which is offered by VAIO Corporation. This service allows you to order a recovery media kit for your specific model online. However, this service is not free because it includes a Microsoft operating system license. You can contact VAIO customer service for more information about this service.

Another option is to download a recovery media kit from the VAIO Library website. This website provides links to download recovery discs for various VAIO models. However, these discs may not work on all models and may require some patching. You can also find instructions on how to use these discs on the website. Note that this website is not affiliated with Sony or VAIO Corporation and downloading these discs may violate their terms of service.


A recovery media kit is an essential tool for restoring your VAIO laptop to its original factory settings. You can create one using the VAIO Recovery Wizard if your laptop has a recovery partition, or obtain one from the Recovery Media Distribution Service or the VAIO Library website if it does not. However, you should always backup your personal data before using a recovery media kit, as it will erase everything on your hard drive.

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