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Forbidden Homework Movie 1992

Forbidden Homework Movie 1992

Forbidden Homework (La tarea prohibida) is a 1992 Mexican drama film directed by Jaime Humberto Hermosillo. It is a sequel to his 1991 film La tarea (Homework), which was also a controversial and provocative exploration of sexuality and censorship.

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The film follows a young college student (Julián Pastor) who is living with his aunt and taking a filmmaking course. He invites a middle-aged woman (María Rojo) to audition for a part in his video project, which is supposed to be a romantic drama. However, when the male lead fails to show up, he decides to play the role himself and rehearses a love scene with the woman. The rehearsal soon turns into real lovemaking, which is secretly recorded by a hidden camera. The student then discovers that the woman is actually his biological mother, who gave him up for adoption when he was a baby.


The film deals with themes such as incest, voyeurism, censorship, and the blurred boundaries between fiction and reality. It also challenges the conventions of mainstream cinema by using long takes, minimal dialogue, and explicit nudity and sex scenes. The film is considered a critique of the conservative and repressive society of Mexico, as well as a reflection of the director's own personal and artistic experiences.


The film was screened at several international film festivals, such as Toronto, San Sebastián, Chicago, and Havana. It won three awards at the Havana Film Festival, including Best Actress for María Rojo. However, it also faced censorship and controversy in its home country, where it was banned by the government for its incestuous and erotic content. The film was later released on DVD and VHS in Mexico and other countries.


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