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Windows 10 Reduce Latency Tweaks ((FREE))

With the right equipment (i.e. a new GPU and Windows 10/11) you can enable Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling in order to reduce latency and improve performance. This is supported by both AMD and Nvidia GPUs and gives you another way to boost performance.

Windows 10 reduce latency tweaks

I have lived with input lag on my Ryzen build for 2 years but had IL(Input Lag) for 4 years due to windows 10. I had no clue why I had so much IL in all of my games and desktop compared to my previous FX and Athlon builds and after 2 years of research I have found some tweaks that can help. I am using the same setup: mouse, 144hz monitor, room, outlet as my previous setups so I can feel the performance differences.

A great input lag reduction came from upgrading to the new Windows 10 1903 or 1909. I used windows 7, Regular Windows 10 1500s-1776 windows LTSB 2016, windows 10 LTSC 2019 all of them had the same lag. No matter how much I reinstalled it doesn't change the amount of input lag on my Ryzen(s). Using the new 1903 scheduler reduced my input lag by a noticeable amount. Even with English keyboard language input lag bug it still felt great. That 20% scheduling performance increase from windows 1903 claim does hold water. I have not tried 1909 but I'm sure it'll be even better.

-Disable HPET in the OS (updated from Fr33thy)cmd - adminbcdedit /deletevalue useplatformclock(if it says ssomething like value not found your good)------------------------------------------------------------------OTHER USEFULL NOTES-New drivers have a E-sports mode that enables AMD antilag, sharpening, and changes tessellation. Antilag and sharpening are usually not good.-Sharpening usually makes games look terrible (overwatch)-Don't use AMD anti-lag or NVIDIA low latency unless you are GPU bound or use it if your GPU is going above 95% utilization is a game. (soure) =7CKnJ5ujL_Q&t=636s-Cap your frames! FPS or framerate is directly related to input lag, the more fps, the less input lag. more below (ideally 144hz display)--If your fps is all over the place, your input lag or frametime varies giving you inconsistent input lag which will hurt your muscle memory!-------------------------------------------------------------------Source for windows 10 game mode being ON =mVNRNOcLUuA& have data and proofs of all of this, some is includeed in FR33THY'S video =EG4g9XlKw5w&t=434s)-Source for Disabeling fullscreen Opt., details included from microsoft engineer _you_play_overwatch_on_windows_10_consider/ Credit: FR33THY, Battlenonsense (YouTube)

Meaning: There is a registry setting called touch prediction in which we can define sample times and latency for touch input. If we reduce those values, input samples are being requested more often. Depending on your machine, the cursor can behave a bit more responsive when using your Wacom tablet.

If you implement all these Windows 10 performance tweaks to reduce startup times and increase memory, you should notice a much faster operating system. Even a few of the recommendations will earn you a more responsive and enjoyable computing experience.

With all of these tweaks done to your PC, you should download MouseTester and TimerBench to ensure that you are using Invariant TSC and that your mouse polling forms a stable graph that indicates that your latency is nice and tight. If everything looks alright this means that you have completed your tasks properly.

There are several ways to change the feel of your favorite PC game by employing the methods detailed above. While the results can vary by game, it is important to try these options if you are unsatisfied with the latency associated with default settings. One thing is clear, however: the absolute best way to reduce input latency while keeping a tear-free image is to acquire a G-SYNC or FreeSync display. For those on a budget, be sure to try the tweaks listed above and report your experiences in the comments below!

With low latency mode engaged, we remove the latency that would be caused by processing power-hungry plugins. Logic Pro disables plugins automatically to reduce latency to a set amount (which is set in the General Audio preferences menu).

Microsoft says the latest released Windows 11 developer build also comes with a series of optimizations for windowed and borderless modes that will "significantly improve latency," which can drastically reduce input lag and provide a better experience in DX10/DX11 games.

Using this method on a first generation Surface Book laptop, we were able to reduce the latency from (mediocre) 256 samples with occasional drop-outs (bad!), down to 48 samples without any single drop-out!

While on stage, do not run at the lowest possible latency. If you were able to reduce the latency thanks to these tips, increase it a little bit again, to stay on the safe side! And a few milliseconds of latency is not much: it is just like moving away from the speakers, you will get used to it!

Tweak the scheduler settings. The following scheduler settings are in conflict with cfs-zen-tweaksAUR so for each setting choose only one provider. By default the linux kernel scheduler is optimized for throughput and not latency. The following hand-made settings change that and are tested with different games to be a noticeable improvement. They might not be optimal for your use case; consider modifying them as necessary [12][13]:

Direct Rendering Infrastructure (DRI) Configuration Files apply for all DRI drivers including Mesa and Nouveau. You can change the DRI configuration systemwide in /etc/drirc or per user in $HOME/.drirc. If they do not exist, you have to create them first. Both files use the same syntax; documentation for these options can be found at To reduce input latency by disabling synchronization to vblank, add the following:

When it comes to network troubleshooting, the simplest and most useful trick is to reboot the network device. For that, you need to unplug the power cords of both the modem and router; then wait for 2 minutes and plug the cords back in; next, verify the network connection like browsing a website; finally, open Warzone and see if the latency is reduced. 041b061a72


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