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Minecraft на Android: все, что ты хотел знать об этой игре

Minecraft - this is truly an exciting game in the genre of "sandbox", which takes place in the open world created from a variety of blocks where you controlling the main character have to survive, doing nothing but craft (crafting).Surprisingly, the game itself is of Minecraft, developed only a week, but for a long time, arrived at the stage of alpha and beta testing, then November 17, 2011 it was officially presented to the public and ported to almost all known gaming platform.If you are a creative person, if you are able to realize their fantasies in the form of arrangement of their own worlds, and love to spend time truly exciting games, then you just have to download maynkraft on android.Currently Maynkraft supports 4 modes of play: Creative (Creative), Hardcore (Hardcore), Survival (Survival) and adventure mode - AdventureThe most favorite players - this is a survival mode where you have to get yourself all sorts of resources found on the open spaces of your world, of which, as mentioned earlier, it is possible to construct and produce more sophisticated and elements. Also in this mode, at night, there and your enemies - the monsters, spiders, skeletons, and of course Creeper. And if you have not had time to build yourself any weapons, then one way out - to build a shelter.Of course, this is not all the charm of the game and this masterpiece can be described indefinitely. But one look at the page top paid games on Google Play Market makes it clear that more than one million users have downloaded this game can not be wrong.Crashes at startup? Try to remove /sdcard/games/com.mojang/minecraftpe/ folder or else install the older version.COMMENTS "When will the new version of", "Will there be a new version of", "What will happen in the new version," "When the update" will be deleted. minecraft

Download apk:

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Restoring to Andriod can be done with the "My Files" application. Copy the folder from the backup location to the minecraftWorlds-folder. Or download and extract your backup-zipfile from Google Drive. Don't forget to delete the zipfile after extracting.

My daughter is using Minecraft for Android. We are switching a broken phone to a new phone of the exact same model. I tried saving to external and application and have gone through the steps listed and when I go into the "minecraftWorlds" folder, it is empty, but it still shows all of the worlds on the app of her original phone. I also tried moving the app to the external SD card before installing it into the new phone and it still did not help. I have to return the broken phone in a few days or else I face paying hundreds of dollars! Please help!What do I do?

before making the world backup, make sure that you changed the file storage location to external, you can do this by clicking settings>profile>File Storage Location>external, otherwise the worlds won't appear in the minecraftWorlds folder, i hope it helped :Dedit: to use the worlds the same method apply, otherwise the world will won't appear in the world listedit 2: don't change the File storage Location while in the world, this may corrupt the world, and makes it behave in a strange way (no animations, you can swim in lava, you don't drown, mobs stop moving, blocks don't have breaking animation) and if it don't get corrupted, all your progress after you changed it will be deleted.and lastly, i had a problem while changing the file storage location, because if you started a world while the file storage location was in application, you can't change it back to external, i tried and my minecraft crashed :( now i can't backup my world

This was a great instructable! Easy to follow. I did exactly what was said. I copied the worlds from my daughter's old android tablet onto an sd card then put the card in the new android tablet and copied the worlds into My Files > Games > com.mojang > minecraftWorlds and I can see them all there. But when she opens minecraft, she only sees the two new worlds she created on the new tablet. None of the copied worlds show up in the app.Have I done something wrong??Many thanks


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