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Where Can I Buy A Watch Winder carries watch winders made of high quality materials to maintain and wind your timepieces. Each watch winder is handmade and polished to a high gloss. We have a large selection of automatic watch winders from single to quad watch winders in many different styles and colors to fit your lifestyle.

where can i buy a watch winder

Whether you are the owner of one or several automatic timepieces or you are buying a gift for someone who is a collector, look no further than our wide selection of automatic watch winders by manufacturers such as Heiden, Versa, Swiss Kubik, Scatola del Tempo, Wolf, and American Chest. These winders represent the ultimate accessory for you or your loved one's treasured timepiece. Crafted from some of the world's finest woods and leathers, these winders perform several functions. At first glance, they are elegant storage cases that will keep your watch of even the largest dimensions safe and secure in a luxuriously soft and pillowy container. Look more closely and you will see that these storage solutions also functions as automatic watch winders designed to emulate the movements of the human wrist that keep the watch running while it is being worn.

Our watch winders are tested on all brands of automatic watches including but not limited to Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, Breitling, Panerai, Cartier, Chanel, IWC, and many more. Regardless of which major brand you may own, our winders are designed to accommodate it. This means that your timepiece will always be wound exactly according to its manufacturer's specifications, ready to be worn at a moment's notice. Watch winders can operate using AC power or batteries in the case of many of the smaller travel models, and each of the units we sell comes with a full warranty. Free shipping is available on select models. Whether you are giving a once in a lifetime gift to someone very special or simply treating yourself and caring for your valuable investment, our marquee selection of premium winders will doubtless contain a unit that will make a lasting impression and help to maintain your automatic timepiece for years to come.

For people who do not wear their automatic watch every day, watch winders are available to store automatic watches and keep them wound. A watch winder is a device that can hold one or more watches and moves them in circular patterns to approximate the human motion that otherwise keeps the self-winding mechanism working. We offer watch winder box and automatic watch winders to keep your watches running. The automatic watch winder also prevents lubricant of the watch from congealing over time, which diminishes accuracy. Check out our range of cheap watch winders.

Automatic watch winders are important for the proper maintenance of all the mechanical watches in your collection. With the rotation of our automatic watch winders, the small weights inside your watches that normally use wrist motion to put tension on the mainspring can still be kept going while your watches are in storage. The gentle rotation and cushioned surface offered by our watch winders ensures that your watch remains in good running condition, scuff free.

We have a wide selection of watch winders available for you or your watch collecting friends to choose among. Whether you need a watch winder that just has basic timed rotation features, or one that allows you to set the specific rotation speed just right for your watch, we have what you need.

As official dealer of famous watch winder brands such as Swiss Kubik, Benson en Orbita and with more than 17 years of experience in the field of watch winders, we may say that we are specialists. offers you the most up-to-date collections, competitive prices and excellent service.

A watch winder is a functional accessory for automatic watches. By simulating wrist movement, a watch winder provides the caliber of one or more automatic watches with energy so that it will continue to "run". This keeps the automatic watch running nicely on time and various functions such as the date, chronograph and moon phase remain set.

The use of a watch winder has a positive influence on the durability and preservation of your automatic watches because the important parts of the caliber keep in motion and the oil is well distributed. A watch winder is also a functional accessory to safely store your automatic watches and protects the automatic watches against dust, condensation and/or other external influences.

With a collection of more than 15 watch winder brands, we always offer you the most suitable watch winder to safely energize your automatic watches. Our collection includes brands such as Chronovision, Elma Motion, Heisse & Söhne, Paul Design, RDI, Bernard Favre and Boda Concept. The watch winder brands in our collection are selected for quality, durability and functionality.

Every watch winder in our collection offers the most important functions for winding an automatic watch. The direction of rotation (clockwise, counter clockwise or alternating), the number of revolutions per day (TPD = turns per day) and any additional functions such as a sleep mode or speed winding. In addition, you can opt for luxury watch winders with LED lighting, extra storage space or even a watch winder safe.

In our online shop you can safely buy a watch winder for a reasonable price. You can pay with your creditcard, PayPal or by wire transfer. We offer you favourable shipping rates worldwide via Fedex, DPD or PostNL. From our warehouse in the Netherlands we ship your order quick and safely packed. You can return your purchase within 28 days and we offer warranty on each watch winder.

There are many beautiful watch winders in our webshop. Below are several Swiss brands with beautiful models equipped with the best technology. However, there is also a Dutch quality brand in this area, of which we offer the entire collection in our webshop. We are talking about the relatively young Benson brand.

Characteristic of the Benson collection is a bit of diversity in terms of the appearance of the watch winders and also in terms of the motors used. For example, the brand offers watch winders made of various high-quality materials, such as leather and various beautiful types of wood. In addition, within the collection there is a choice of watch winders with high-quality Japanese motors or the well-known Swiss made motors. Whether you are an enthusiast with one or two automatic watches, or a real collector, Benson offers the watch winder for you! Within the collection you can choose from watch winders with a capacity for winding 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 and even 16 watches. In addition to the diversity that Benson offers, the brand is also known for the very good price/quality ratio of the products. With a watch winder from Benson, you choose a top quality watch winder at a competitive price.

A good example of a watch winder from the Benson collection that offers everything you could wish for as a fan of automatic watches is the Benson Swiss Series Four 4.20 Light Brown Leather. This watch winder offers winding options for four automatic watches at the same time and is therefore very suitable for the small collector. The watch winder is covered on the outside with leather with a beautiful pattern, in the color brown. The interior of the watch winder is black in color and equipped with a soft fabric to preserve your watches. Because the watch winder can be closed with the beautiful glass door, you store your watches extra safely in this watch winder. This watch winder from Benson is equipped with Swiss made motors, which will be known to every enthusiast. These motors are top quality and offer several key features. Not only are they extremely reliable, but they are also energy efficient and quiet in use. With a base like this you can be sure that the winding of your automatic watches is well arranged. The watch winder is also equipped with a special safety system. This automatically disconnects the motor when a watch is inserted or removed. The operation of this Benson model is easy and fast. With a single push of a button you can set the direction of rotation and the number of turns per day per rotor separately, using the handy LCD screen. The built-in LED lighting offers a nice added value with this watch winder. This puts your watches in the spotlight, so that all eyes will be on your watches. Finally, the Benson Swiss Series Four 4.20 Light Brown Leather offers all directions of rotation and overwind protection. This model works with the help of an adapter.

A second extremely beautiful watch winder from the Benson collection is the Benson Swiss Series Four 4.20 Green Leather. This Limited edition has a unique look, because the exterior of this model is covered with a vibrant green color leather. This design is also suitable for winding four automatic watches at the same time. With the special protection glass you ensure that your watches are well protected against scratches or unnecessary wear. Benson also uses special flexible watch holders, so that you can effortlessly place almost any type or brand of automatic watch in the holders. This Benson design is also equipped with Swiss made motors, which ensure perfect winding of your watches. In addition, with this model you again have the safety system with regard to the decoupling of the motor. Each rotor is individually adjustable using the LCD screen, allowing you to offer each watch the best way of winding individually. With this model from Benson, a built-in LED lighting has also been thought of, with which you have a good view of your watches at any time of the day. The Benson Swiss Series Four 4.20 Green Leather also offers all directions of rotation and overwind protection.

The aforementioned models of Benson with Swiss motor are completely assembled in the Netherlands. With these watch winders you opt for excellent quality at an attractive price. You will never have to worry about stopping your automatic watches again. When you order a watch winder from the Benson Swiss Series from us, you will receive it at home with a 3-year warranty, a certificate and clear manual. 041b061a72


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