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Jared Bass
Jared Bass

Zaccaria Pinball - Red Show Table Download Extra Quality] [Patch]l

I have every table available from Atgames so I think I can speak on the quality of these tables, especially considering I also have played the PC based tbales that work with the ALP as well. THe limiting factor in any table is the hardware that it runs on, here Atgames has provided 1080p at 60fps with toys, multiballs, voice overs, ect NOT on a PC. I'd say that's pretty impressive but what UI really like about these tables overall is the colors and play. While never gimmicky tables have way too much going on alot of these tables keep it simple and focus on the game play. Stand outs on this pack are Spooky Deluxe which looks beautiful and has alot of fun targets to hit on the cool table and back glass, Combat Deluxe which also has some cool effects and challenging upper areas. Farfalla Deluxe, its just a beautiful table with rich colors and fun theme. My favorite on this pack is probably Strike Deluxe, it has a really cool side challenge where you throw the pinball at pins. Best to pick up these tables on sale during NOD or holiday discounts

Zaccaria Pinball - Red Show Table Download] [Patch]l

So I bought this pack expecting Zen levels of play with animated characters, voice overs and lots of targets and things to do, well that mostly true, but the quality of the visuals are not great, kinda watercolor like, the voice over work is really bad, Spooky is grading on the ears and most of the games are really quiet and lack any real punch. Farfalla for example has so much going on that you rarely can keep track of what is on. To many playfields and not enough engaging things to do is the theme of this review. Combat or Battle as it shows up in game is one of the better ones, but it still lacks any defining villain or punchy lines to keep it fun. low war theme tunes with an occasional jet or cannon sound. I really wanted to love these tables but for $50 I am regretting my purchase. I really just wanted the remake versions in a single pack, but these were the "next best thing" or so I thought. Now I will be slowly picking up 9 other games for the other 15 to 20 games that are really good like Blackbelt 18 which had good sounds, awesome voice over and overall better game experience. ATgames really needs to show the playfields for all the games either on the Pinball pack or at least online. I spend hours watching videos on youtube just to see what I was purchasing..... Love the system, but the packs are poorly marketed and in these case poorly executed.

Put it all together, plug it in, and a monitor lights up across the top to display virtual, pre-installed pinball tables. Tap some buttons to page through an on-screen menu and pick a game, then use a real, physical plunger to launch the ball and side-of-cabinet buttons to work the flippers. Now you're playing virtual pinball.

While that basic description applies to both of the cabinets we recently tested, AtGames wastes no time differentiating itself from the competition. First, its playfield screen is 33 percent bigger: 32 inches versus Arcade1Up's 24 inches. Second, that screen natively renders at 1080p, compared to Arcade1Up's 720p, and it sports much better color calibration. Third, this screen is covered in a full sheet of glass, which looks handsomer than Arcade1Up's plexiglass topper. Fourth, the flipper buttons aren't alone; next to each is a "nudge" button, so you can virtually bonk your table and nudge a pinball where you want it to go instead of relying on an imprecise accelerometer. (Arcade1Up's product doesn't include these nifty nudge buttons.)


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