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Psp Firmware 5.0 M33 BETTER Download

M33 firmwares are custom firmwares developed by Dark AleX. They are based on Sony's firmwares starting from 3.51 and above. Earlier custom firmwares by AleX were known as OE (Open Edition) firmwares and SE firmwares. Except for the different name, M33 firmwares follow the same concept as OE/SE firmwares; i.e. Removing restrictions from Original firmwares, full homebrew support and lots of customization possibilities. M33 firmwares 3.60 and above can be installed on Slim PSPs too.

Psp Firmware 5.0 M33 Download

After Dark_AleX supposedly retired from the PSP scene, he and a few other sceners continued, under the pseudonym of Team M33 developing Custom Firmware with the tag of M33 (rather than OE/SE). On July 14, 2007, the first release rolled out. Almost everything resembled some part of OE including the installer. After 7 updates to the base firmware, bugs were fixed, and more features were added in to expand on the firmware. This remained the basis for most of the future releases.

The VshMenu, a new addition to the M33 firmwares, allows users to quickly over/underclock their PSPs, change the ISO loader plugin used for backups, change the XMB USB Device (Memstick, Flash0, Flash1, etc), mount video ISOs, and reset the device.

The last update, 3.51 M33-7 fixed several bugs, and added improvements to different features. M33's ISO loader speeds were improved, brightness issues were fixed throughout the system, (with the 1.50 kernel brightness added) the WLAN fix was implemented in a different way, and an option was added in recovery for those still experiencing WLAN issues. Before any updates were released to the 3.51 M33 firmware, a WLAN fix was added for those experiencing WLAN issues with their system. With the initial release optional, it later was added in the later updates.

This included all the features of 3.51 M33, and it moved up to the 3.52 firmware. The initial release fixed a bug with the Go!Cam, GPS, and the sceKernelLoadExecVSH working properly while in a game. Also, the compatibility of the NO-UMD mode was improved to allow games downloaded from the PSN to be played properly.

This fixed the compatibility issue with PSX games in IRSHELL via usbhostfs and nethostfs. Also, the document.dat from PSX games didn't need the same game ID as the game itself for it to work. In recovery, the "use isofs with UMD inserted" was stripped as it wasn't useful anymore. Speeds of 20 MHz and 100 MHz were been added as option for underclocking the system. Also, while USB Mode is activated, the ability to turn off the PSP is disabled completely. (Therefore, the only way would be a hard reset by taking out the battery) The issue of Chinese and Korean fonts crashing the XMB and homebrew was fixed. However, the Korean font has to be added from a 3.52 dump. Also, popsloader was added, and it allowed POPS to be loaded from 3.40, 3.51, and 3.52. However, the necessary files have to be dumped from the firmwares, and moved to the memory stick.

A few people had been editing Team M33's custom firmwares to remove credits. With the release of 3.52 M33-4, Team M33 added extra protection which verified the authenticity of the downloaded files. If the verification failed (i.e. Files had been edited/modified in any way), the updater would brick the PSP. Soon after this, members from N00bz, M33 and Team C+D came together to release the Pandora Battery, which was the culmination of years of research.

3.60 M33 was released 5 days after the inital Slim release. Installation was different on a Slim since it lacked support of the 1.50 kernel. However, installation was possible with the use of a modified Pandora Battery install. Instead of installing 1.50, it just flashed the M33 files. Due to this method, it proved effective only on Slims that were on 3.60. If it was on any other firmware, it didn't work. Also, 3.60 was a Slim-only firmware, and wouldn't work on a Phat. If attempted, the system would either brick or the custom firmware would become partial, or corrupted. 3.60 M33 contained all of the features of 3.52 M33, as well as the Slim-only features such as the Cookies theme, TV output, etc.

On the same flash0 corruption bug that was fixed on 3.71 M33-2 was fixed again with this release. With M33's ISO loader, two bugs were fixed. Also, the vshMenu was now displayed properly while using TV-Output on Slims. Also, Popsloader for 3.71 M33 was released, and it did require 3.71 M33-3 and the several files from the different firmwares in order to work.

This update adds a new network update feature which, when enabled, will check for M33 firmware updates. When the feature is disabled through the recovery menu, the network update feature operates as it normally does checking for Sony firmware updates.

Uses new FW 3.90 kernel, and March33 NO UMD fixed (yet another bug related with exiting with home, infinite semaphore wait). There were also a few changes in the Updater. The degeneration check and correction of IDS keys happens in 3.71 too now. Added code to download 3.90 PBP from the net via WiFi. Note that his code is not yet 100% stable, it may crash when selecting AP. In that case, reinit the installer. L+triangle has been restored as method to bypass battery. If you already have 390.PBP keep those buttons pressed until you see "Verifying 390.PBP". If the 390.PBP is being downloaded via WiFi, press those buttons at the end of download until you see the previous sentence. A FW1.50 addon was also released the same day.

Improvements in plugin loading code. Added rest of the regions to fake region. (Korea, UK, East etc.) The 3.90 eboot downloading code is now more stable.On Slim: Added patches in nand ipl to allow Booster's Multi-IPL loader and TimeMachine ipl-loader to boot from nand. Note: only 3.90 M33-2 and higher can be booted from nand in slim with those ipl loaders, not official Sony firmwares or previous versions of M33. This also allows a PSP Slim to boot to the XMB with a Pandora Battery inserted.

Instead of Dark_Alex going ahead and release 4.00 M33, Sony released OFW 4.01. Therefore, Dark_Alex ended up releasing 4.01 M33 a few days later. New features included in this version is the usual features that 4.01 bring as well as the ability to translate the recovery menu configurable by a file that can be left on the memory stick or in flash1. Also, what would have been the GAME401 folder is now GAME4xx to acquaint for the future releases of any 4.xx firmware, and also previous 3.xx kernel homebrew. In the Camera mode from the XMB, the vshMenu was disabled since it interfered with the ability to change camera modes.

This update fixes all the problems that were found with PSX games including the corruption of the RAM for PSX games. sctrlKernelSetInit* functions, and the M33 Network Update were also fixed. Two feature changes were implemented. The first is the possibility of loading the PSP's version information from flash0 via a .txt file. With this feature, it allows a user to dump a 'version.txt' from a specific firmware eboot, flash it to flash0, and be able to access things that would normally be restricted by the firmware. For example, a user could flash a 'version.txt' file from 4.01, flash it to a 5.00 M33 PSP, and be able to run the 4.05 or 5.01 update again as long as the option is enabled in recovery. The next feature change is a change in the file format for plugins. 5.00 M33-2 eliminates the use of the 'conf.bin' file (the config file for plugins), and the 'vsh.txt', 'game.txt' and the 'pops.txt' file now have a 0 or 1 after each line indicating whether or not the plugin is enabled or disabled. (This causes plugins to no longer work in Time Machine firmwares unless 'vsh.txt', 'game.txt', and 'pops.txt' are edited.) In Advanced > Advanced Configuration, the option to completely enable or disable XMB, GAME, or POPs plugins can be configured. Upon entering the Plugins menu of recovery, all files will be converted to the 5.00 M33-2 format.

Ever since the release of 3.71 M33, it has been decided that the main installer should not install the 1.50 kernel addon like how it was in the OE firmwares, and the early M33 firmwares. The addon which is optional for Phat users allows users to install the 1.50 kernel for homebrew at the expense of the Location Free Player, and the Korean Font. However, the Location Free Player can be flashed back after the install. The addon will add the 'km', and 'podule' folders to flash0, where all of the 1.50 files will get flashed. Also, the installer has no checks so if there isn't no more space in flash0, the installer will end in an error, and you will have an incomplete, or no 1.50 subset.


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