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Tintin In Kolkata Pdf Free

Tintin in Kolkata: A Comic Adventure in the City of Joy

Tintin, the famous reporter and adventurer created by Belgian cartoonist Hergé, has traveled to many exotic places around the world, but he has never visited India's cultural capital, Kolkata. However, some fans of Tintin have imagined what it would be like if he did, and have created a comic book titled Tintin in Kolkata, which is available as a free PDF download online . The comic book is a tribute to Hergé and his iconic character, and is not intended for commercial purposes.

The story of Tintin in Kolkata begins with Tintin and his faithful dog Snowy arriving at the Kolkata airport, where they are greeted by their old friend Captain Haddock, who has come to India for a business deal. The trio then embark on a series of adventures in the city, encountering various characters and situations that are typical of Kolkata, such as the Howrah Bridge, the Victoria Memorial, the tram, the rickshaw, the Durga Puja festival, and the Bengali cuisine. Along the way, they also face some dangers and mysteries, such as a kidnapping plot, a secret cult, and a mysterious statue.

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The comic book is a homage to Hergé's style and humor, and also incorporates some references to his other works, such as The Blue Lotus, The Cigars of the Pharaoh, and The Castafiore Emerald. The comic book also showcases the rich culture and history of Kolkata, and tries to capture its spirit and charm. The comic book is written in English, but also includes some Bengali words and phrases, which are explained in footnotes. The comic book is illustrated by various artists, who have used different techniques and styles to create their panels.

Tintin in Kolkata is a fan-made project that was initiated by a group of Tintin enthusiasts from Kolkata, who wanted to share their love for Tintin and their city with other fans around the world. The project was started in 2010, and took about three years to complete. The comic book was first released online in 2013, and has since been downloaded by thousands of readers from different countries. The comic book has also received positive feedback from Tintin fans and critics alike, who have praised its creativity and quality.

Tintin in Kolkata is a must-read for any Tintin fan who wants to see their favorite hero explore a new destination, and also for anyone who wants to discover the beauty and diversity of Kolkata. The comic book is a testament to the power of imagination and passion, and a tribute to one of the most beloved characters in the history of comics.


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