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Where To Buy Juno Lighting

Juno-II is ideal for interior spaces. Due to its effortless installation, its easy maintenance, and its lighting level, Juno-II is optimal for interior spaces such as warehouses, office spaces, schools, parking garage and, general lighting. This luminaire is versatile enough to fit all of these facilities and more.

where to buy juno lighting

In the Chicago suburb of Des Plaines, IL, Juno Lighting was founded in 1976 by Robert Fremont. Having previously founded another lighting company, Fremont knew how he wanted his new company to run, and what it would provide: high-end business and residential lighting. It established its reputation with the Trac-Master track lighting system and continued to grow through the acquisition of several other related lighting brands.

Juno Lighting is excited by the constant evolution of technologies available within the lighting industry and has eagerly explored their potential. They are especially appreciative of the efficiency of LED, CFL and CMH (ceramic metal halide) technologies and have created a wide range of innovative track and recessed lights to both employ these existing technologies and, through careful design and engineering, help aid their advancement. The result is sleek, modern lighting that embodies energy efficiency and sustainability without compromising performance.

The Trac-Master track lighting system was one of the first collections that Juno Lighting created, and it remains the company's flagship collection. It comes with a wide range of rail, contemporary track heads, decorative pendants and customizing accessories to accommodate virtually any lighting need.

In addition to our incredible specials and price promotions, Lumens is committed to offering you the lowestpossible price on every product we sell, every day of the year. If you ever find the exact same productadvertised for less anywhere, within 30 days of your Lumens purchase, please let us know and we will happilymatch that price. Keep in mind that shipping and handling fees will be taken into consideration. For example,if Lumens offers free shipping and the competitor charges for shipping, then the total price, includingshipping, will be matched. We may require some form of verification of the offer and it must be made by anauthorized dealer of the product, following manufacturer pricing guidelines and policies and it must be a stockitem. The Low-Price Guarantee excludes clearance, closeout and returned items. Other restrictions may apply,but why not ask? For more information please contact CustomerService.

Juno is a North American supplier, specialized in recessed and track lighting fixtures, in both residential and commercial sectors. The business generated revenues of $230m and an EBITDA of $32m in 2014. Juno is currently consolidated under the Buildings and Partner business of Schneider Electric.

Each light head is directable and easy to adjust so you can easily add light where you need it most. The slim rail and simple shades ensure this fixture looks great from every angle. An industrial matte black and antique brass color palette ensures this track light looks right on-trend. Perfect for hanging in the living room, kitchen, and more, this fixture will look great in any room.

With Juno Retrofit LED Basics Series 5RLD 5" trim modules, upgrading your existing 5" recessed fixture is inexpensive and nearly as simple as replacing an incandescent lamp. The 5RLD LED retrofit provides up to 600 lumens of high-quality light equivalent to a 65W incandescent lamp. But since they require just 11.5-watts input, you can expect lighting energy savings of as much as 85%. Modules feature a white aluminum baffle with a built-in flange. A deeply regressed diffusing lens conceals the LEDs from direct view and provides uniform aperture luminance. 041b061a72


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