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Hikaru No Go Episode 38

This is a list of episodes for the anime series Hikaru no Go. This will list every single episode, starting with the English title as they aired on Toonami Jetstream, followed by the title that was used on the original Japanese episode on TV Tokyo. The anime more or less follows the same storyline as the manga. A short summary will follow, introducing the episode and referring to some of the gags. There are a total of 75 episodes, excluding a 2004 special showing what happens after episode 75. The final three episodes have not yet aired in the US.

Hikaru No Go Episode 38

When the Ultra Star ShinesReturn of Ultraman, Episode 38InformationAir date12/24/1971Directed byYoshiharu TomitaScreenplay byShozo UeharaViewer Ratings29.0%ContinuityPreviousNextUltraman Dies at SunsetWinter of Horror Series - the 20th Century Abominable SnowmanWhen the Ultra Star Shines (ウルトラの星光る時, Urutoranohoshi Hikaru Toki, When the Ultra Star Shines ) is the thirty-eighth episode of Return of Ultraman. It marks the return of the Original Ultraman with Susumu Kurobe respiring his role as the Original Ultraman's Human Host, Shin Hayata since the the finale of the original series and the return of Ultraseven since his return in episode 18 of the Return of Ultraman, but this time with Kohji Moritsugu respiring his role as the human form of Ultraseven, Dan Moroboshi.

Father and Child Weaving Together! The Ultimate Revice!Kamen Rider Revice, Episode 38Air DateJune 5, 2022Production InformationWriter(s)Hanta KinoshitaDirectorTakayuki ShibasakiEpisode GuidePreviousNextInevitable Fierce Battle! The Decisive Demon Recapturing Mission!Hope and Despair, The Conflict Between Three SiblingsFather and Child Weaving Together! The Ultimate Revice! (父と子が紡ぐ究極のリバイス, Chichi to Ko ga Tsumugu! Kyūkyoku no Ribaisu!) is the thirty-eighth episode of Kamen Rider Revice. It features the debut of the Giffard Rex Vistamp and Ultimate Revice.[1]

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