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Jared Bass

Real Husbands Of Hollywood - Season 1

The series was co-created by comedian Kevin Hart, and follows the daily lives of him and other married celebrities, each playing a fictionalized version of themselves, as they venture through their surreal life in Hollywood.[4] Members of the initial cast include: Boris Kodjoe, Nelly, Duane Martin, J. B. Smoove, Nick Cannon, Oliver (Hart's assistant, played by James Davis), and Robin Thicke, who did not return for the second season due to his music career, though Hart has stated that the door is open for Thicke to return.[5]

Real Husbands of Hollywood - Season 1

Returning for additional seasons are drama Being Mary Jane (season two), faux reality show Real Husbands of Hollywood (season three), comedy The Game (season eight) and video countdown series 106 & Park. 041b061a72


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