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Naked Teen Gym

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My teen and pre-teen years cratered all of these hopes. I was very suddenly unathletic. I still played basketball because in sixth grade I was already 5\u201910\u201D, but it was at that point fairly clear I was never going to be good at it. The connection I had had with my dad that was us shooting free throws and playing one on one in the high school\u2019s gym on Sunday afternoons disappeared, became inaccessible. My body, previously a site of freedom, made rules and threw up borders. It was a stoppage order; I was an inconvenience to myself, stutteringly unbeautiful, meeting the world in a container that worked actively against my own happiness.

My body is, nominally, fine. It fits into privileged categories for the most part. I cannot speak on its health with any authority because even now that I have health insurance I am afraid to go to the doctor, but as far as I know it carries no serious health issues. I am already several paces ahead at the starting line. And yet even with the advantages I do have, the very fact of it being the only vehicle with which I get to do any of the parts of life feels cruel and unmanageable more days than it does not, merely because having a body is just such a big ask. That these limbs and appendages and organs might also serve as a vehicle for joy when no other joys are left is something that I have felt fleetingly, and just enough to know that I am missing it, that my body itself is keeping me from it. At times I have found it in sex, in living too hard, in choosing to hurt myself against my own life. The cut-brakes sense of pure freedom, the body transcending the body by way of the body, has sometimes showed up in in the adrenaline of walking very fast when late to something important, in the freshness of grief, the bodypunch of loss, in the sudden snap of cold air on a commuter train platform on the first night when fall suggests winter and breath hangs white clouds in the darkness. I have found it in sweaty days in the city when everyone is too naked and miserable to look like anything at all, and in running outside to take out the trash in a thin t-shirt when it\u2019s freezing, in walking circles around the few blocks of a neighborhood after a hard conversation until the buzz of what I should have said burned off, in the delicacy of navigating cobblestones expertly in teetering stiletto heels.

Perhaps the Time journalist never used the restroom in a public school. Perhaps she never went to a gym or a public pool. Maybe she doesn't have daughters, like your incredulous columnist. Obviously she never watched and worried as pre-teen daughters went to a public bathroom alone. I did.

So why not just ban bearded dudes and nearly naked bald guys with heavy stubble from girls' showers and/or bathrooms? The staff at the rec center has been warned to keep quiet since any question to anyone in our irrational era could be viewed as discriminatory. 'Our hands are tied,' a worker told Time. 'We can't say anything about it.' 041b061a72


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