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Neo Soul Chord Progressions Pdf Download

Congratulations, youve completed the Quick Tip on Neo Soul Piano Improv with the Pentatonic Scale and you now know how to improvise a scale over seven different chords, and you even have some midi files to practice on.

neo soul chord progressions pdf download

Hi, I have downloaded your Pentatonic and Solfege teaching materials. I am really impressed with your work. I am not an advanced reader in any way, but I understand this stuff. You have such a clear voice and a wonderful easy to understand approach. Your books are very helpful. They are so much better than the usual "filler" stuff we are so used to hearing. I really appreciate your work. You gave me hope

Or watch my free training course: complete chord mastery by clicking on the link at the top right of this video. I wrote a course with a lot of different chord voicing, chord charts, and writing progressions. Its an online course or in my free, its pretty cheap, it does cost money, its only $34 and you learn everything you need to know about composition and different styles you can do it on the guitar.

Moving on to the next video. Its similar to the previous video, but instead of applying this to F minor pentatonic, we put this stuff on a G7 and Gm7, and how we use the A minor pentatonic scale to move our chords higher or lower in the scale.

This is one of the most complex chords I've ever taught in my career. Im going to actually show you the progression in context. As you'll see, it's very similar to my new tutorial on "how to write a girl power pop song". This is extremely important and you'll get a lot out of the lesson. Its a prequel to the new tutorial, but its a good step by step introduction to neo soul chord progressions for beginners.


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