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Jared Bass

Perfect Lady Boyscom _VERIFIED_

Our Belgian Waffles are made in the traditional style from the city of Liege in Belgium. This waffle is made of a brioche dough with pearl sugar mixed in. You can eat it as a grab-and-go item, or you can warm it up and top it with a scoop of gelato. Our individually wrapped waffles make a perfect easy breakfast, snack or dessert. Each box contains 5 waffles.

perfect lady boyscom


Working for a woman-led company gives me daily proof that women can do it all. Having a toddler at home can make my schedule unpredictable; working alongside other moms in leading roles gives me the comfort that there is a sense of unspoken understanding amongst us. That helps drive productivity and morale. Seeing women and mom bosses grind daily empowers me to never limit myself. With the schedule flexibility, I can wear many hats for my many roles at work while maintaining some sort of work life balance at home. It motivates me to never stop aspiring to be a BIG BOSS! Our woman leader has the perfect balance of inscribing success while maintaining a level of empathy. It's humbling and it reminds you that we are all here doing the best that we can!

More disturbingly, they are the perfect home for bacteria since bathrooms are usually warm and moist. What do you do when you are done cleaning yourself? You just let hang it and let it sit for the next shower not knowing that bacteria cultivate and thrive in those dead cells you just scrubbed off. Not only that, but the next time you clean yourself you wipe the bacteria and the dead skin all over your body.

Special notes: With its parent company's perfect rating on the 2022 Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index and a rich history of hosting gay and lesbian charters and groups, there is little doubt that Royal Caribbean is a welcoming cruise line.

Not to mention, finding the perfect gift for your loved ones can pose a challenging task (like your wife who has everything and boyfriends who also have everything). Add teenagers to the mix, and it gets even harder.

The ultimate shower organizer features multiple compartments to hold toothpaste, razors, shampoo and more. Plus, a fog-resistant and shatterproof mirror is included, which is perfect for shaving in the shower. 041b061a72


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