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[S1E2] The First Day

Most batshit crazy outfit:It would be remiss if I didn't give this award to Lorelai for her completely inappropriate, 'dropping my kid off on her first day of private school,' look. Her Paul Frank monkey pajama top would have been less cringeworthy than this monstrosity. Why does she even own light-wash jorts with a side slit? Did she make those herself? Like most of her shirts, this tiny, pink & white babydoll tee is far too small for her and looks like something that shrunk in the dryer but didn't get thrown out because of laziness or some weird affection for ugly clothing items.

[S1E2] The First Day


Aside from the big first day at Chilton, nothing major really happens. Lorelai has several flirty interactions with men of varying ages: the dad at Rory's school, the valet at the Inn, and Luke, of course. It's probably worth pointing out that thus far, all men encountered at Chilton kind of suck. Headmaster Charleston interrogates Rory about her future in a way that stresses me out even though I'm an adult and already have a career. If I encountered that kind of pressure as a kid in high school, it probably would have driven me over the edge. He's a total jerk about Rory's Christiane Amanpour ambitions and harshly reminds her that her grandparent connections won't get her any special treatment (even though they kind of do).

One thing I must commend the writers on is the Luke and Lorelai slow burn that happens over the course of 4 entire seasons. Ever since the first episode, they've had great chemistry and witty repartee. It was always pretty clear to me that Luke was going to be Lorelai's HEA, but the tension leading up to their first kiss builds in an immensely satisfying way. In this episode, Lorelai is already asking Rory if she thinks Luke is cute! The writers laid the groundwork for this one from the very beginning and even on my millionth rewatch, I'm impressed that it was done so well.

"The Lorelais' First Day At Chilton" is the second episode of the first season of the American comedy-drama series Gilmore Girls. It originally aired on the WB in the United States on October 12, 2000. The episode was written by series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and directed by Arlene Sanford.

Lorelai oversleeps on Rory's first day at Chilton and discovers that all her good clothes are in the cleaners. She throws on a tie-dyed top, Daisy Duke shorts, and cowboy boots. On the way to the headmaster's office, Lorelai meets Ian, the father of a Chilton student. Lorelai and Ian have some initial chemistry until Rory reminds Lorelai how she looks in her shorts and cowboy boots.

When Lorelai and Rory arrive at Headmaster Charleston's office, they find Emily, who has shown up for Rory's first day. Lorelai is coerced into removing her coat, and Emily and the Headmaster see her outfit. Both make judgmental expressions though refrain from saying anything about it. Lorelai and Emily leave after some awkward moments in the headmaster's office, bickering the entire way out.

Lorelai (Lauren Graham) oversleeps on the morning of Rory's (Alexis Bledel) first day at Chilton. The hurried woman dresses in casual clothes, only to find her own mother (Kelly Bishop) waiting in the headmaster's office. Lorelai's attire draws sharp criticism from the elder Gilmore, and dirty looks from the other students' parents.

It is Rory's first day at the exclusive prep school Chilton, and Lorelai chooses this day to oversleep. This turns the morning into total chaos because she does not have time to pick up her dry cleaning, which means she has nothing to wear. Meanwhile Rory is ranting while Lorelai throws on some old rags in the form of a tight tie-dye shirt and some cut-offs jeans. In short, it looks like Lorelai is heading to the local rodeo. Things go from bad to worse when Rory informs her frazzled mom that they both have to meet the headmaster at Chilton. Since Lorelai has nothing else to wear, she puts on an overcoat and walks out the door. On the way, Lorelai meets a man named Ian, who is the father of another Chilton student. The two get to know each other better and Lorelai tells Ian where she works in case he wants to drop by. When Rory and Lorelai arrive at the headmaster's office, Lorelai's mother, Emily, who just happens to be a close personal friend of the headmaster drops by. Emily makes a big fuss when Lorelai refuses to shed her coat and then regrets her insistence when she gets a load of what Lorelai is wearing. Needless to say, the meeting is quick and awkward with Lorelai stuttering her way through.

On June 6, 1944, D-Day, planes with thousands of paratroopers cross the English Channel to France, where they come under heavy fire. None of the men land where they expected to, and many lose their weapons and supplies in the drop. Winters links up with solitary soldiers, and they set off to find their units. Winters (Damian Lewis) is later chosen to lead an attack on a fortified German artillery position; the mission is successful, but Winters, now acting company commander, loses his first man.

Major Strayer orders Winters to select some men to assault the suspected 88mm guns inflicting damage at the soldiers in Utah Beach at a French estate called Brècourt. Winters assembles the team into two squads: one led by him and one led by 2nd Lieutenant Lynn Compton. Winters proves himself as a solid tactician, with a small force to ambush a more massive force on heavily fortified positions. Wynn is wounded in the buttocks and is forced to leave the battle, while Winters and his squad take over the first to third guns that were in fact 105mm. Winters discovers a map and decides to hold on to it, while Hall is suddenly killed by a trap. Winters sees the lifeless body of Hall, and a disappointed Winters chooses to go on. Dog Company provides backup and successfully captures the fourth and final gun, and so they retreat.

That night, the men rest and eat after the assault. Winters is told by 2nd Lieutenant Lewis Nixon that the map Winters found disclosed the locations of all the guns in Normandy and was passed up to Army Intelligence. Winters declares this day as a "day of firsts," and pledges that after the war, he will secure peace for himself to spend the remaining days of his life.

The First Battle (Hajimete no Ikusa はじめての戦) is the second episode of the Dog Days series. It involves Cinque's experience on his first battlefield in Flognarde. The episode first aired on April 9, 2011.

The battle ends with a closing report from the commentators (and minor fanservice courtesy of Eclair). Biscotti celebrates with a banquet and a live concert held by Princess Millhe herself. Shinku is obliged to stay for the concert, but hope to return home to tell his parents first. Things come shocking as Shinku and Millhe separately learn at the same time: once a hero is summoned to Flonyard, he cannot return back!

Following the attack on the Capital, being sworn into office as the new President of the United States, and delivering his first speech to the Nation, Kirkman now sets out to try to rebuild the Cabinet while also trying to find out who is behind the despicable attack on the United States. After attending his first meeting in the Oval Office, which was nothing more than a yelling, chaotic mess, Kirkman leaves and finds a nice quiet place to collect his thoughts. He tells his Assistant Chief of Staff Aaron Shore (Adan Canto) and his other assistant, Emily Rhodes (Italia Ricci), that he needs them to go through the list of who is left politically, help him find a Chief of Staff, and help work on building a new Cabinet.

The series, in its fast pacing, still finds time to slow the show down to have a few sweet and touching scenes with Kirkman and his family. The quieter scenes are effective and never feel forced. The best and most powerful scene in the episode by far, though, was the return to the bombing site with Kirkman slowly going among the first responders, shaking their hands and thanking them for their efforts.

"Day One" is the second episode of the first season of the medical drama series ER. It first aired on NBC on September 22, 1994. It was directed by Mimi Leder and written by John Wells.

Wesley reports for his first day as a prosecutor at the D.A office. It is not going as well as he had hoped it would. His boss wants him to stop trying to give everyone a free pass and choose a case he will take to trial. His day is salvaged by Lopez who calls him to ask for help in their corrupt police case.

How have things progressed? I am ten days into the year. I have many things organized, but still have a lot of experimenting to do. I am experimenting with the #planwithmechallenge because I feel like it gives me a bit of structure while still allowing the notebook to be my ideas and my thoughts as I figure out what exactly I want this notebook to become. For January, I try to either set up the next day before bed or first thing in the morning when I wake up. I am taking things one day at a time until I feel ready to plan more extensively. I like the free flow of taking in each day as they come.

Here is a video of what I have done so far(if you did not watch how I migrated my 2015 system and notebooks I suggest you start here first). I gladly welcome any comments, ideas, or suggestions.

The tradition of candle-lighting on Shabbat serves to set the Sabbath apart from every other day. Two candles are lit to symbolize the two commands given as far as the Sabbath goes. The first is to remember the Sabbath and the second is to observe it. When the candles are lit, the woman of the house says a blessing.

Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe, who has hallowed us with His commandments, has desired us, and has given us, in love and goodwill, His holy Shabbat as a heritage, in remembrance of the work of Creation; the first of the holy festivals, commemorating the Exodus from Egypt. For You have chosen us and sanctified us from among all the nations, and with love and goodwill given us Your holy Shabbat as a heritage. Blessed are You Lord, who hallows the Shabbat. (Response: Amen) 041b061a72


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