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L Osti D Jeu.pdf

L Osti D Jeu.pdf: A Review of the Popular Quebecois Party Game

L Osti D Jeu is a card game that was created in Quebec in 2015 by two friends, Simon Laroche and Jean-Philippe Dionne. The game is inspired by the popular American game Cards Against Humanity, but with a twist: it features cards that are related to Quebec culture, slang, humor, and history. The game is intended for adults only, as it contains vulgar and offensive language, sexual references, and controversial topics.


The game consists of two types of cards: black cards and red cards. The black cards have a sentence or a question with a blank space, such as "Steak, blé d'inde, ..." or "Qu'est-ce qui est plus plate qu'un party de bureau?". The red cards have a word or a phrase that can fill in the blank, such as "Un osti de gros pet" or "La face à Pauline Marois". The game is played with one player being the "grande yeule" (big mouth), who reads a black card aloud. The other players then choose a red card from their hand that they think is the funniest or the most appropriate to complete the sentence or answer the question. The grande yeule then chooses the best red card and awards it a point. The player who has the most points at the end of the game wins.

L Osti D Jeu is a game that aims to make people laugh and have fun, but also to challenge them to think outside the box and to learn more about Quebec culture. The game includes references to famous Quebecois personalities, events, places, expressions, and stereotypes. Some of the cards are based on real facts, while others are completely absurd or exaggerated. The game also features some cards that are specific to different regions of Quebec, such as Montreal, Saguenay, Gaspésie, or Abitibi. These cards allow players to discover and appreciate the diversity and richness of Quebec's culture and language.

L Osti D Jeu is a game that can be enjoyed by anyone who speaks French and who is not easily offended by crude humor. The game can be played with 3 to 12 players, and each game lasts about 30 minutes. The game is available in several editions and expansions, such as L Osti D Jeu des Humoristes, L Osti D Jeu Le Meilleur, L Osti D Jeu Extension Sexe & Bouffe, and L Osti D Jeu Édition Complète des Régions. The game can be purchased online or in various bookstores and game stores in Quebec.

If you are looking for a fun and original party game that will make you laugh and learn more about Quebec culture, you should definitely try L Osti D Jeu. You can download the PDF version of the game for free from [the official website] or buy the physical version from [L'Imaginaire] or [L'As des jeux]. You will not regret it!


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