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Jared Bass
Jared Bass

Reading Contemporary Electric Bass: Guitar Technique Books Pdf File

This is the original textbook of the Berklee College guitar program. It provides reading skills through the 4th position based on learning the fingerboard through application of movable scale fingering patterns. It also provides a resource of movable chord forms. These techniques are the foundation of reading advanced melodies and playing advanced chord forms found in the guitar parts in a jazz band.

Reading Contemporary Electric Bass: Guitar Technique Books Pdf File

Guitar Strings- Rock guitar players prefer extra light gauge (thickness) of strings, for easier string bending techniques used in rock/blues/country electric guitar styles. String gauges that are heavier provide a warmer, darker sound and better intonation.

One of the best Guitar Books for Beginners, this books takes a classical approach to reading music. It focuses on reading sheet music and identifying the notes A,B,C,D,E,F,G. The notes are then associated to the corresponding fret on the guitar. Working one string at a time, from the high E string all the way up to the Low E string, this book covers the first 3 frets of the guitar. The student also learns how to play basic rhythms such as whole notes, half notes and quarter notes.

...At the end of reading I knew a little bit about a lot of different guitar techniques, but I certainly didn't feel like I knew everything I needed to play guitar well.I would recommend spending the money on some lessons, when I finally broke down and started taking lessons, I learned more in a week then I did from reading the whole book...


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