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Jared Bass
Jared Bass

Fall 2022 1080p.mp4 !NEW!

Galaxy S22 will start at $799.99 and Galaxy S22+ will start at $999.99 beginning February 25, 2022 through, carriers and retailers. Both devices will be available in the following colors and memory options: Phantom Black, Phantom White, Green, and Pink Gold in 128GB and 256GB models with 8GB RAM.

Fall 2022 1080p.mp4

Pre-orders for Galaxy S22 series start today on February 9 at and major retailers and carriers. Now through February 24, 2022, consumers who pre-order a device are eligible to upgrade to the next storage tier when purchasing 128GB or 256GB models. This offer also includes eligibility to redeem an additional Samsung Credit of up to $200 for Galaxy S22 Ultra, $150 for Galaxy S22+ or $100 for Galaxy S22 to spend toward purchasing the new Samsung Freestyle or recently updated Galaxy Watch4. Those who pre-order a Galaxy S22 device starting today can also receive up to 25% off of any Galaxy Tab S8.

Samsung Care+[17], a dedicated product support service covering accidental damages, repairs and more, will be available for the Galaxy S22 series. For more information about Galaxy S22 and S22+, please visit: ,

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The 2022 Nebraska Physics and Astronomy Fall Summitt will be held on Saturday, October 22, 2022. It will be held in Jorgensen Hall on the UNL city campus and the format will be similar to past offerings. People with programming contributions and suggestions are encouraged to be proactive in contacting the organizer Kevin Lee. 041b061a72


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