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__TOP__ FreedomPop. Still No UK Launch As The Leaves Begin To Fall..

10. Comparing the FreedomPop MESSAGING App vs Google Voice/Hangouts for talk & text I prefer to use my free Google Voice phone number on the Hangouts app for talking and texting, even though I'm "losing" the free FreedomPop App 200 minutes & 500 texts. I'm not knocking the FreedomPop Talk/Text app. I've tried the FreedomPop app and it works, both for talking and text. It's a good choice for people who don't want to set up a Google Voice number and use Hangouts. You do get 200 free minutes and 500 free texts, but there are some limitations. * The FreedomPop minutes/texts do not count against your data usage, but the minutes/text do get counted and used up both when you are on cellular data and when you are on wifi. I was a little surprised that texts sent on wifi still count against the 500 text limit since you aren't on cell service, but they do, and minutes used on wifi also count. Of course, if you need more minutes or texts, all of the FreedomPop paid monthly plans include unlimited talk and text. * The free FreedomPop texts are SMS only. If you want to send and receive MMS, you need to pay for a monthly MMS plan ($1.99/mo or included in the $7.99/mo Premium Plus service). * By default, the FreedomPop voice number will go to voice mail if you don't pick it up, and if someone leaves a message, you won't get it unless you pay for a monthly plan with voicemail ($2.49/mo or included in the $7.99/mo Premium Plus service). You can disable voicemail on your account, but when I tested it, my FreedomPop phone number still eventually went to voicemail if I didn't answer it. Thanks to nutN2Lewz for leaving a comment on how to actually turn off the voice mail function. By default, it seems that all sims have voicemail enabled. To turn off the default FreedomPop voicemail feature: log onto your FreedomPop account on freedompop .com. Go to My Account Account Settings Voicemail Preferences Edit. You will see an empty box, and a message that you can check the box to "Enable voicemail and free 30-day voicemail storage". Even though the box is not checked and you would think voicemail is not enabled, YOU NEED TO CLICK "SAVE" (with the box unchecked and empty). After you click SAVE, you will see a message saying "Voicemail and Voicemail Storage: Disabled". The message won't be there in the future when you check your account, but now your voicemail is actually turned off. * Each FreedomPop sim has it's own phone number. If you change sims, you change numbers. * Google Voice with Hangouts includes free domestic calls, free voicemail, and free sms & mms texts. Texts (SMS) essentially use no data. When you are using Hangouts on wifi to talk, you won't use any of your cellular data. When you use the Hangouts app (with your Google Voice number) to talk on cellular data, it uses about .55mb per minute based on my testing. That means 100 minutes of talking should use about 55mb of cellular data. Most of my talking is when I'm on wifi (other than when I do a weekend walk and call my father), and I usually text instead of calling people. * Most importantly, if you have a Google Voice phone number, you can install the Hangouts app on any or all of your phones and then send and receive calls and texts. You can set up your Google Voice number to ring on multiple phones, either by forwarding it to a phone number or by using the Hangouts app. I have my personal Google Voice number ring on both my FreedomPop (Sprint) Moto E2 with Hangouts and my ZTE Zmax2 with my FreedomPop LTE sim with Hangouts. A Google Voice phone number with the Hangouts app gives you a lot of flexibility. Note: I have used the FreedomPop app (and phone number) to sign up for Redbox promos. If you text "FREEBIE" to "727272", you'll get a one-time-use coupon code good for a free one night DVD rental ($1.50 value). You won't get the code the same day you sign up. It comes the next day, and then it will expire after 2 weeks. Thanks to the FreedomPop app, we watched The Magnificent Seven last weekend, and I'm sure there will be more free movies in the future :) (I have multiple phones and accounts).

FreedomPop. Still no UK launch as the leaves begin to fall..

FAQ#16: If I order more sims, should I put them on my existing FreedomPop account or create a new account? A: If you order more sims (or other devices), I would recommend creating a new account each time your order. Then each new account can "friend" your other accounts, and also the accounts can share data with each other. To create a new FreedomPop account, you will need to use a new email address, but you can use your same name and address. I currently have ten different FreedomPop accounts. If you are using a gmail email address, Devin commented below with a tip. You can add a "+anytext" to your gmail email address, and gmail will ignore the "+anytext" but FreedomPop will treat it as a different email address. For example,,, and will all go to the original gmail account. But FreedomPop will see these as three different emails, so you can have multiple FreedomPop accounts and all the emails FreedomPop sends you will end up at your single original gmail account (and you don't need to set up more email accounts). Note: I still think the offer for a second $.01 "penny" sim is still a good deal if you want an extra 700mb sim for a penny. Even though it is on the same account as the first sim, it can also get the 500mb Friends bonus starting at the beginning of the second cycle.

Comment by nutN2Lewz on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 FreedomPop voicemail is enabled by default but if you do not pay extra for the voicemail service - your callers will be able to leave you voicemail that you can never access! To disable FreedomPop voicemail, log into your account on ... - go to > My Account Account Settings Voicemail Preferences Edit - Ensure 'Enable voicemail and free 30-day voicemail storage' is NOT checkmarked - Click 'Save' - 'Voicemail and Voicemail Storage: Disabled' message briefly appears. This message disappears after a certain amount of time but your FreedomPop voicemail will still be disabled.


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