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Jared Bass
Jared Bass

Leonard Cohen: An Illustrated Record

While recording traditionally has been viewed as a practical, adjunctive role of the music therapist, here the authors examine the skillful use of recording devices and software as fertile ground for the development of therapeutic programs with tangible benefits for adult clients in a concurrent disorders recovery setting. The integration and layering of musical composition with musical performance, digital technologies, and production invite rich and engaging conversations about therapeutic goals, processes, and outcomes. Using program evaluation and reflections on practice, the authors discuss how their interactions with clients through recording have yielded new insights into therapist roles and identities as well as expressions of music therapy. We outline the case for therapy-oriented recording, and a description of the authors' setting and information collection methods identified before a literature review on the use of recording in music therapy. The authors then distinguish four types of therapeutic recording illustrated by case examples from work with clients. The article culminates with a discussion of challenges and benefits associated with therapeutic recording. The authors conclude that recording offers critical and rewarding, yet often unrecognized, opportunities for music therapists to be innovators in their field.

Leonard Cohen: An Illustrated Record


Sometimes ideas for video production emerge from the recording process. Such is the case with the creation of a music video of a feature song or tribute song. These are best made when filmed live rather than dubbed over because of the challenge of lining up the audio with the visuals. We use a hand-held camera purchased for use in the music therapy studio. This allows us to film clients such as Owen or to assist others in the production of their music video as illustrated in the upcoming case example of Geoff. 041b061a72


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