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Jared Bass
Jared Bass

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This aussie beauty has moved to LA after becoming an adult star, this booty queen is curvy in all the right places. Blonde and sexy with a G cup bra and an ass to die for sure sure has a license to thrill.

A: Ask yourself do you like them round? Large? Jiggly? Firm? Not all asses are fuckable but all asses are fun to spank, caress or squeeze. The choices are endless when it comes to booty so you need to ask yourself what you like most.

No matter what you call it ass, booty, or any of the many other fun names, ass is something that ignites desire. Maybe you have a anal fantasy, or spanking fetish. No matter what angle you look at it asses are a sexy body part, to touch, kiss, spank or fuck. 041b061a72


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