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Where To Buy Horse Hair

Welcome to our online store. For prices and availability please click on an item below. Feel free to send us pictures of your horses tail to get color recommendations. You can send pictures to

where to buy horse hair

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Our curled horse hair comes in only mixed natural colors. They are ideal for padding in mattresses, pillows, chairs, and upholstery filling because it is good for ventilation. They are sold by the pound.Grade: Healthcare.Certificate: ISO 9001Hair Material: 100% unprocessed horse hairThe horse hair has been scoured, washed, and sterilized.After the horse hair is cut, it is washed with soap and water containing 2.5% sodium carbonate in a washing machine for 3 hours. It is left in a 5%...

This white horse hair bundle is not one of our standard one pound bundles. "Double drawn" tail hair are trimmed at both ends. Horse tail hair can be used for jewelry brush fiber, rocking horses, tail extension, wigs, horse hair weave, and jewelry. The horse tail hair has been scoured, washed, and sterilized. After the horse hair is cut, they were washed with soap and water containing 2.5% sodium carbonate in a washing machine for 3 hours. They were left in a 5% solution of warm sodium...

The horse mane hair bundles are available in a variety of sizes. "Double drawn" means that hair is trimmed at both ends. Horse tail hair is harder or coarser than the mane hair. Horse hair can be used for bow hair, brush fiber, rocking horses, tail extension, wigs, horse hair weave, and jewelry. Horses are not an endangered species. The horses were not killed just for their hair. Horses are not subject to CITES or USFWS controls.

Used for hitching or braiding, our horse hair is perfect for making bracelets, necklaces, earrings and barrettes.Note Hair from the mane has a finer texture and is shorter than the tail hair. If you need the effect of horsehair without the length, the mane hair is a much better buy. Average length is 8 - 9 inches (All measurements are approximate).Available in Black or White Packaged in 1 ounce bags.

At Kachina House we carry a vast selection of Native American Horsehair ceramic pottery, handmade by artists from various tribes. Crafted and accented with natural materials we offer unique objects of art and craft.

The ancient Indian tribes made this pottery to honor a favorite horse or to celebrate the birth of a horse. It is said that this pottery was first created when a long-haired maiden was removing hot pottery from her kiln and the wind blew her hair onto the hot pot and burned the hair into the pottery. The pottery is poured, then fired for a period of time after which it is removed from the kiln, and hair from the mane and the tail of a horse are applied to the hot pottery. The hair creates the dark lines and the smoke from the burning hair creates the cloudy grey areas. The pottery is then returned to the kiln where firing is completed. The pottery is removed from the kiln, etched and spray-glazed. Each piece of pottery comes with a certificate of authenticity which certifies that the pottery has been handcrafted by a Native American Indian artist. Our horsehair pottery is created in Arizona and New Mexico by several potters.

Relative to the painted Horsehair pottery, the air-dried ceramic clay pot is painted on a wheel using a damp sponge and commercial paints. While the clay is still soft, designs are incised through the paint layer into the pot. This type of etching is called Sgraffitto. Etched art is done on either red terracotta clay or white gypsum clay and after being fired in a kiln, the resulting design shows the bright white (gypsum) background seen on the various pieces. Navajo pots have the most variety in etching and use symbols for mountains, rain, wings, arrows clouds, staircase of life or altar, prayer feathers, whirlwinds, plants, bear paw, corn, water, lightning, handprints, kachinas, animals, friendship and migration as well as many others. Their etching is beautifully done and each symbol is a prayer to the Great Spirit. 041b061a72


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