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The Sims 1

In the beginning all families have a 20,000 limit to buy a house or build and furnish a house from scratch. Money can be gained by sending the Sims to find jobs and going to work. Promotions are earned by fulfilling the required skills and befriending sims. A good job performance will increase chances of getting a promotion. A sim will receive a warning if they miss one day of work, and get fired if they miss work for two consecutive days. If Sim has the creativity skill they can paint paintings and sell them for some additional money. Bills have to be paid occasionally and failure to do so results in the repo-man repossessing some of the household's items.

The Sims 1

So what about interactions with other sims? Well, all the games featured the home phone, with a mobile introduced in 3. Phone calls in 1 were usually either prank or for baby adoption. 2 allowed other sim friends to phone, 3 allowed richer experiences with sims via the phone and 4 included interactivity for children to phone and ask for playdates with other sim kids.

Recieving Fatal Error: could not find sims data directory message no matter what I try. I have gotten this exact file of the game to work before on windows 10. not sure what to do as the answers online are from 2003.

Specular map, in any game that uses them, not just sims 3, serves to determine how shiny/reflective parts of an object material are. The more bright the map texture is, the more reflective corresponding part on the object will be.This is an example of a sims 3 specular map:

Thanks for posting this! I can now play the sims on my laptop!!! However I do have a glitch i was wondering if anyone knows how to fix. When pop-ups (like from a phone call or when dueling in magic town) come up, they are invisible and the game pauses but if I click around the screen i eventually find the okay button. I can still play the game, but it is a bit of a pain. Thanks again for your help!!

I sucessfully installed the sims on my windows 8 and loaded and entered the neighborhood very fast and well, but inside the neighborhood it kept loading over and over again all the extra neighborhood, from holidays, magic town, etc. which made impossible for me to do any other action in the game. Is this what happened to you as well?

Hmm, this might be because of an old Windows update (KB3086255) that keeps certain old games from working. See if the tips on this page work (it says Windows 7 but applies to 7 through 8.1): _US/discussion/856809/windows-7-players-who-cant-get-sims-1-to-play-again-solution

  • Creating Sims: You'll find the traits that govern how a sim acts, and which ones you should make a priority.

  • Motives: Here, you'll discover what motivates sims, what needs must be met for them to stay happy, and how to best satisfy those needs. You'll also find our recommended items for fulfilling each motive.

  • Relationships: We'll tell you why relationships are important, how to make them, and how to keep them.

  • Building a House: You'll find general tips on how to efficiently create a floor plan for your home.

  • Careers: Here you'll find information on the six career tracks, including a breakdown of pay and hours, and tips on how to get promoted.

  • Get a Life: This is the big feature of The Sims console game--we tell you how to beat this single-player campaign.

  • Cheats and Multiplayer: Here you'll find the cheat codes for the game and brief descriptions of the multiplayer bonus levels, as well as information on how to unlock them.

Whether you are playing the get a life mode or the sandbox play the sims mode, the first thing you have to do is create a sim. In get a life, you're just creating a single sim, but in play the sims, you can create an entire family, complete with two adults and children.

Neat: This trait seems important at first, but it really isn't. A neat sim flushes the toilet, washes its hands, washes dirty dishes, makes its bed, and takes out the trash. The higher your sim's neat trait, the more likely it is to do these things automatically. If your neat trait is very high, like in the eight to 10 range, your sim will even pick up other sims' trash. But in practice, this trait isn't very useful. You should take all the points from this trait and divvy them up among the other ones. That's because cleaning simply wastes time that you could spend on other tasks, and time is the most precious commodity in The Sims. You could literally waste an hour or two in a day just cleaning. Why do that when you can just hire a maid, who will clean your house for you? Moreover, you can always order your sim to clean. Having points here just means the sim will clean up automatically, but with a maid and direct orders from you to clean, you can still maintain a clean and orderly house without having any points in this trait. That leaves you more room to improve the other four traits, which are much more important.

Outgoing: Outgoing measures how likely a sim is to strike up conversations with other sims and how much they crave social interaction. A sim with few points in outgoing doesn't need as much social stimulation as a sim with many points in outgoing, and is even less willing to practice speech in front of a mirror. In fact, if you want to improve your charisma score (the main skill necessary for advancing in the entertainment and music career tracks), you will want to put lots of points in outgoing. That's because to improve charisma, all you can do is practice speech in front of a mirror. And because you cannot offset the time spent on practicing speech by combining it with another activity, you should therefore try to minimize the time spent this way. The only way to do this is by having a high outgoing trait score. But more importantly, having more points in outgoing means you will be able to satisfy your social motive easily because you will be engaging in lots of conversation and group activities. But the one caveat here is that with a higher outgoing score, you will also lose social motive faster than a sim with a low outgoing score. You should have more than five bars in outgoing because it makes your sim better able to maintain and create relationships, which is key to succeeding in the game.

Active: This trait, along with playful, determines what sort of fun activities your sim is inclined to pursue. An active sim will want to engage in physical pursuits like basketball and swimming. On the other hand, sims with low active trait value comfort and sitting on the couch. Less strenuous activities, like reading, are what they prefer. And their comfort score degrades quickly, as they require more rest than usual. Sims with high active want to do lots more, and are happier than other sims when it comes to exercising to improve their body skill. So a sim with a high active score will want to exercise more than a sim with low active score. And he or she will gain body points faster on the exercise machine and treadmill. Active isn't terribly important, except as an indicator of what sorts of fun items you should place in your home. But having five points in active at least means your sim will be happy engaging in all fun activities, which is a very good balance to have. That way, no fun activity will be off-putting to your sim, and therefore he or she will be able to do anything for fun.

Playful: Playful sims are very keen for social activity and need lots of fun. In fact, playful goes well with outgoing, as it creates a sim who is more fun at parties. Conversely, they will require more stimulation than other sims. Playful sims are also much more likely to receive jokes and teasing better than sims with low playful scores. Like the active trait, playful determines what activities a sim likes. Low playful sims would rather curl up with a book or view a painting for fun, while a high playful sim craves lots of computer time, a pinball machine, or other high-energy activities. Playful sims also like to play music or paint, so it is a good trait to have if you need to improve your creative job skill. Like outgoing sims, who have a high correlation to social motive, playful sims respond better to fun activities, but also require lots more fun than other sims. Like with active, it is a good idea to have about five bars in playful, as such a sim is well balanced and does well at parties or by him- or herself.

Nice: This trait is supremely important, because nobody likes mean sims. A sim with low nice score will make others feel bad when talking, so they aren't good at parties. In fact, of all the traits, keep this one high so it is easier for you to maintain good relationships. Having high nice, outgoing, and playful scores means your sim will be a master of social interaction. Do not let this trait dip below five bars.

  • Entertainment Track: For this career, you want a high outgoing score. It makes it easier to improve charisma and make friends, both of which are important for this career.

  • Life of Crime: This career track doesn't have high requirements for any skill, and instead requires someone who is well balanced in all skills. Therefore, it stands to reason that someone pursuing this job should be well balanced in all traits--except for neat, of course.

  • Military Track: Active sims are better suited for this job, since the military career track has high body and mechanical requirements. Being active means you will gain body skill improvement faster. You can afford to have a low outgoing score for this job since it has a very low friend requirement.

  • Music Track: For this track, you should have high playful and outgoing scores, because this job requires high creativity and charisma. A playful sim gets more out of painting and music, and an outgoing sim has an easier time getting and making friends.

  • Slacker Track: This job doesn't involve a lot of hours, so someone with a low active score would do well in this line of work. However, you need a high outgoing trait, since you're basically mooching off others. Besides, you need high charisma and lots of friends for this job, so outgoing is necessary.

  • Xtreme Track: This exciting line of work requires good creativity skill, as well as high body and charisma skill. Therefore, those sims with high active, outgoing, and playful scores do well training for and working in this career track.



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