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House Of The Dragon 1x9

You may have lost track of the Kingsguard shufflings earlier in the season, but Ser Harrold hasn't always been the Lord Commander. In the pilot episode, he was a knight of the Kingsguard and sworn protector of Princess Rhaenyra. He was there to escort her from the dragonpit back to the castle, and he also helped her meet with Daemon in secret before King Viserys knew his brother was back in the city.

House of the Dragon 1x9

The opening credits of House of the Dragon begin in Old Valyria, the Targaryen family's ancestral home. They would have perished in the volcanic eruption if it hadn't been for the Dragonstone established across the Sea. Aegon the Conqueror, or Aegon Targaryen I, is the first to conquer Westeros and establish the family's foothold -- thus, we see his insignia showing three dragons. As the blood flows from the first gear, it splits into two more, each representing a different bloodline with his two sister wives, Rhaenys and Visenya, the first queens of Westeros. The bloodlines, however, only follow Rhaenys as Visenya's children never had a chance to seize the throne. 041b061a72


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