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War Supply Crate Addon

An airplane will pass one of the four areas in Dragon Isles; The Waking Shores, Ohnaran Plains, Thaldraszus and The Azure Span. It will drop the crate somewhere in its passage. It will always start from one sie and fly through to the other.

war supply crate addon

The crate it drops is a chest that you can loot (if you dont get killed by other player of the opposite faction. If it is like it was in BFA, then everyone in your faction has a chance to loot it while it is up and it stays up for 30 sec.

The war supply crate seems to be a bit rough for our deaf members to find, since they have no indicator the plane is nearby. Additionally, once dropped, unless you see it drop, you have no idea where it is.

I would like to request a UI element (or just an API so addon devs could make it) that would indicate the supply ship is within the area and when the supply crate drops, it would give the user a direction to travel. No distance, just a map based direction. An arrow or compass heading. This would help the deaf as well as those players in a building when the plane flies over.

ModADDED : 'Flashpoint Remix' track by BushlurkerADDED : FIA Ural trucksADDED : M113A1 APCsADDED : Natick LBV 1986, courtesy of Brazilian Armed Forces Mod TeamADDED : Ural-375 HQ truckCHNGD : Balaclavas are CUP models now, no more nasty APEX advertismentsCHNGD : Correct preview for Rifleman (Vz.58)CHNGD : Improved the Scud launch script (tanks to LorenLuke)CHNGD : L-39 loadout can be customizedCHNGD : New Soviet and FIA tanker uniformsCHNGD : New scopes for the XMS, crosshair and red dotCHNGD : US Army uniforms replaced with new models by sinmercardoCHNGD : Weapons and supply crates have binoculars addedFIXED : Angelina wasn't unable to bring up weapon opticsFIXED : FIA uniforms should no more turn white at far distancesFIXED : Small visual glitch with M939 fuel truckFIXED : US webbing and pistol belt armor/penetration values fixed

Uncomplete changelog as usual:ADDED : 8 fresh Lada colors from the '80sADDED : 8 fresh Mini Cooper colors from the '80sADDED : Added US grenade vests (Thanks to Service and Supply Team)ADDED : AH-1S Cobra with dynamic loadout featureADDED : Cessna 172 (Thanks joker006)ADDED : Dark Vest and Backpack for the Nomex BlackopsADDED : Even more uniforms, vests and headgear variantsADDED : Littlebird HelicoptersADDED : M1 Abrams tankADDED : Police Jeep from the old daysADDED : Radio backpacks and operators for all factionsADDED : UH-60s with M2, M240 and 4x ESSSADDED : Unified US vehicles texture sets (Summer/Winter MERDC, Woodland, Olive Drab)CHNGD : Added items like silencers to Special weapon cratesCHNGD : Winter MERDC is the default texture for US Army vehiclesCHNGD : Officer (Night) have Rifles with grenade launchers and 4 illumination grenadesCHNGD : OH-58 model replaced with a splendid new oneCHNGD : Old style map icons removed from buildings, still a work in progressCHNGD : Reworked US backpack familyCHNGD : Truck 5t (Empty) set to hidden as it serves no real purposeCHNGD : Units have no more binoculars by default, Officers have M16 rifles as in OFPCHNGD : Binoculars added to Jeeps and supply crates to counter the above changeCHNGD : V-80 pilot can eject from the helicopterFIXED : Civilians had no radio items, hence no bikb conversation possibleFIXED : Hidden selection bug on US BDU bootsFIXED : Military Command HQ: Doors were not animatedFIXED : Resistance soldiers had invisible launcher in first personFIXED : RPT warning about Redeye launcher mass missmatchFIXED : Several rpt warnings caused by the AH-1S

ElvUI is the global addon for the WoW interface. Even though Blizzard has significantly improved all the frames and UI, some things are still not as you want them to be. The most flexible UI addon is ElvUI. You can remove all the default interface elements and replace them with very customizable frames. This is a user interface for WoW, created as a replacement and logical development of the old game interface to meet all the requirements of the modern MMO audience. It is extremely flexible for different roles and different preferences. It is very minimalistic and easy to get used to.

As such, many of the interface elements will never require you to install additional addons but simply to configure particular functions using the ElvUI menu. The ElvUI menu can be accessed using the Game Menu or with a special chat command: /ec.

WeakAuras is the addon to display highly customizable graphs on your UI to track buffs, debuffs, and other relevant information. This addon was created to replace Power Auras but has introduced more functionalities and a more attractive and easy-to-use interface. WeakAuras is a highly powerful and flexible framework that is almost a must-have addon.

Bagnon is the most popular addon for inventory, it makes all of your bags look like one big bag. Even though Blizzard has created a one-bag mode, this addon is still useful as it provides some other features and has a more attractive and modern-looking interface.

Scrap is an addon that sells junk instantly, It creates an additional button in inventory, which sells all the rubbish out of the inventory. You can also tag items if you want them to sell all the time it appears in your inventory.

In every boss fight, even pro players need some help with someone telling them what will happen next during the boss fight. This information helps to prevent unnecessary damage and use your spells in correct time and order. For these purposes, here is the list of addons that will help you during the boss fights.

During a boss fight, you always need someone to tell you when and what to expect from the boss. For these purposes, the boss modes were made. Such addons are very useful and are even used by the best players. The information that addon gives helps you to avoid unnecessary damage and use your spell properly and on time.

As we said before, DBM is the most popular addon on Curseforge. This addon tells you whenever something is about to happen during any boss fight. It allows you to know bosses better and to perform better.

BigWigs is a powerful boss addon providing the same experience as DBM. It helps you to perform better and to know the timings of bosses. Both of the addons are widely used and very important for most of the players.

In World of Warcraft, PvP is an important and integral part that many players love. To perform the best, you must set up all necessary addons and configure them for your needs. Here is the list of the most important wow PvP addons WoW Dragonflight.

Another handy addon to help keep track of where you are while questingBtWQuestsBtWQuests:ShadowlandsA quest journal that shows your progress within quest chains in a simple and easy to follow manner, showing not only your current quest but also all the future quests in the line, how they all connect and other quest lines they lead to or require.You will need to add whatever zone it is you are wanting (ie as above BtWQuests:Shadowlands)Check it out on curseforge

Explore the Cauldron - Drop down the platforms and follow the waypoint, through a short corridor and into the next open space with the Cauldrons' traditional floating crates passing overhead.

From there you can hop onto one of the floating crates, and follow it until you're knocked off further down the line. You'll then see two raised platforms with a big disc, covered in yellow studs in a circle between them. Go up the disc to the right, then drop off the yellow markers to that right-hand platform.

A Daemonic Shell-Walker, a new machine, will appear, so take that out quickly, then go back to the big disc covered in studs and instead go the left onto the left-hand platform, and jump back onto the floating crates until they take you to the other side of the next chasm.

Activate the Console - Drop down and follow the waypoint past some supply crates to the next console for you to activate. Listen to CYAN for some exposition, scan another nearby Datapoint, open another chest, and continue.

One of the most popular all-in-one add-on collections, ElvUI earned its unique status as one of the best WoW addons. It provides a sleek revamp of the entire default WoW user interface, combining many of the most popular improvements to spell bar placement, inventory view, portraits, and basic utility. It automatically configures your display based on your role, and provides easy options for changing configurations, moving windows, binding keys, and a host of other tweaks to display and function.

NOTE: Objects that are not strictly classified as supply crates, as well as those featured in non-official third party-developed Creator DLCs are deliberately excluded from this section.

Want to spice up your Slimefun4-Server? Then you have come to the right place!Here is a list of all Slimefun Addons (that we currently know of). You can install these addons to add even more content to your Slimefun-based Minecraft Servers!

These addons have been created by talented developers from our community.We can't provide any support for these on our official Discord Server though.Nor can we guarantee that these will work, some of them could be outdated or broken, we are not responsible for this software or their content.If you encounter problems with these, please contact the respective developer, not us.

In 2020 we started hosting our very first "Slimefun Addon Jam" on our discord server.We hope to make this a re-occurring thing. The basic premise is the following: At the start of the Jam we will announce a theme and every developer has a limited time frame to create a Slimefun Addon - from scratch - based on that theme. When the Jam has ended we will review their submissions, rate them and hand out prizes to the addons that performed the best.Here is a list of all Addon Jams that have been hosted so far:


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