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Jared Bass
Jared Bass

Unable To Find Script Library Popcalendar

I know asking this is silly but I am stuck and not getting out of it. I am new to Angular.js and have created the following program but it is not running as the program can't find the script sources..I have tried all the possible ways but haven't found the solution.

Unable To Find Script Library Popcalendar

If you are hoping to implement it or something similar in your own project, I suggest you work with a developer on the project to write a script that does what you need. There may already be something in their library that can do it.

Yeah, my comments field (intentionally) eats most script blocks. All the script does is parse a string to see if it is a date, then outputs that date based on the defined locale and my own string assembly. I would like to give you a quick answer, but dates in JavaScript are not my bag. I suspect you may find some of this work already done in some other validation scripts.

You can do it with AppleScript, invoked with a keyboard combination. I found a few datepicker scripts online. They were all basically the same script. I barely know how they work but I adapted one to insert the picked date & time into Numbers cells. The one problem I found with this datepicker is it does not highlight the chosen date when you pick it. I was unable to figure out how to change that. It will correctly return the date you clicked on but there is no visual feedback of the date you picked. You'll see what I mean when you try it out.

The first line of this script uses Modernizr to verify that HTML5 date input is supported. If it's not supported, the jQuery UI date picker is hooked up instead. (Modernizr is an open-source JavaScript library that detects the availability of native implementations of HTML5 and CSS3. Modernizr is included in any new ASP.NET MVC projects that you create.)

The Event Calendar lists the events date-wise in a large calendar view. The events are fetched dynamically and listed under the date cell. An event calendar makes it easier to find the events for a specific date. You can build a custom event calendar with dynamic data using PHP and MySQL. In the previous tutorial, we learn how to build an event calendar with PHP and MySQL. This tutorial will show you how to create an event calendar with PHP using the FullCalendar JavaScript library.


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