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Real Christmas Book Checked _TOP_

The fortnightly green waste collection service (including 'real' Christmas trees not booked for a collection) will be SUSPENDED from w/c Monday 26th December with normal services resuming on Monday 16th January 2023.

real christmas book | checked

Rose Reply: i've never actually made gingersnaps but in my book "rose's christmas cookies" i have both gingerbread for building gingerbread houses and gingerbread for gingerbread people! the difference is that in the people one i use egg, more butter and more brown sugar, all of which makes it more tender though still crisp. if you roll them thicker--say 1/4", they will be more soft, chewy and pudgy! also be sure to underbake them slightly as on cooling they will firm up but still remain a little soft. these cookies keep for several months but of course become less soft with time.

But even if we get a volume as a Christmas present that was on our wish list, the book can still surprise us, of course, once we start reading it. The promise of surprise is the only real reason, of course, to read in the first place.

After gaining his doctorate by growing grass on coal tips, Patrick Harding enjoyed over 25 years as a university lecturer. He now enlightens adults about herbal medicine, wild and garden flowers, mushrooms, trees and Christmas! Author of popular books on trees, flowers and edible mushrooms, he has explored Christmas customs on television, radio and in the press. He is married to Jean Binney, a botanical artist, and they have two children, Martin and Bryony - who know that Patrick's beard is real! Patrick lives in Sheffield in a house with two chimneys.

what, you mean that the Christian religion has made up things? Oh tell me it isn't so! I do like the Pope pointing fingers when his particular sect is all about making nonsense up and saying it's from some god. There are catholic churches with relics that are supposedly oh-so holy, like the skulls of the "three kings" that are sheer nonsense (no the bible doesn't say three kings came to a manger, it says they (no number mentioned) came after he was born to a house, matthew 2. This is wrong so why believe any of it?) but oh they still rake in the money from believers. Most Christians will claim that the parts that don't make sense are "metaphor" or simply not what their god "really meant", but they do this with the fine hand of cherry-picking, like all religions to to correct the primitive ignorance in their holy books' pages.

Martha, I really appreciated your comments. I am Christian but have studied with Messianic congregations. I have not read the Pope's book ... but I have been aware for a long time that Christmas is actually pagan and many Christians who celebrate it do it in the spirit of love even though they too know it is not HIS birthday. I am currently in the process of getting material together on the subject of His birth ... the time of year and the evidence for it. It isn't something I want to cram down the throats of unbelievers, or of even believers ... just something I want to put together for my grandchildren. Again, thank you for your comments. Many, many blessings to you.

What you are looking for is a relationship with The Lord your creator. He made you with a void which can only be filled with the Truth of His Holy Spirit. The world is full of emptiness intended by the enemy to superficially fill this void in ways that only lead to our spiritual and often spiritual death. The one true God of Issacc Jacob anad Abraham. In the Torah (the 5 books of Moses or the old testament as many Christians refer to it) pointed to the Messiah. He has come through Yeshua (Jesus' Hebrew name=yes Jesus was a Jew). Unfortunately you most probably will not find the truth in MOST churches. Which is one of the reasons so many people leave mainstream churches and synagogues especially ones which follow man made traditions and doctrines which have nothing to do with a relationship with God. Christmas and Easter are a perfect example of how the world has distorted the Word of God with much of what comes from The Enemy-Satan. Do you know who was really born on Christmas? Not Jesus! Nimrod. In fact all of the traditions are based on pagan rituals which are the direct opposition of "Christ" (also not Jesus' name) Christmas is actually of the Anti christ! I Yeshua was born in Israel at the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) Most people think that this is a Jewish holiday only. It is not just as all of God's appoined times are not only for Jews, but are commanded by God, for all generations in the Bible. The "church" has replaced them with pagan holidays which all revolve aroung the worship of idols- not God and definetly not Jesus. The pope is correct the Manger scene in December is a lie. Yeshua was born in a succah( temporary dwelling that God commanded us to errect each year to dwell with him and remember our ancestors time in the wilderness) around October. Today only Torah observant Jews and some Gentiles who have been enlightend by the truth still erect these temporary booths in front or in back of their homes or sometimes on a porch or terrace. Jesus was born in a sukkah in Sept/Oct (depending when the feast of booths "Sukkot was celebrated. God's Hebrew calander goes by the moon and the feasts fall on different days each year). The reason there was no room in the Inn when Jesus was born was because Sukkot was one of the 3 pilgrimages God's people were commanded to make to Jerusalem. Probably why Ceasar Augustus scheduled the census at that time. Sukkot is 40 weeks from the 8th day of Chanukah (Festival of light-which Jesus celebrated) 40 weeks the average full term preganancy. (Amazing). Unfortuanately most orthodox Jews and Christians are so busy being religious the are blind to Gods amazing Truth.Unless you find a good Messianic congregation that strives to serve God in His ways and not man's, you will probably be misguided and disappointed. The true God and His plan for both Jew and Gentile to be fulfilled with the return of Jesus (which is coming-that's why you feel this urgency to find the truth)can only be found in the word from Genesis to Revelation. Any church which believes that the old testament has ben replaced with the new is on the worng path. It is God's plan to us revealed through the past,present and future. It all works together for those who truly seek Him will find Him. There is only one way to the Truth and it is in Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah. Not my narrow minded opinion,but that of God's. We all have a choice-Life or death. Choose Life my friend. Hope this is helpful and leads you and anyone who takes the time to read it on the path to truth and a relationship with the One True God before it is too late.


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