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Jared Bass
Jared Bass

'LINK' Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2011 Iso [WORK] Download

I am representing Small Town Tech, and we are consulting on behalf of a local business. The local business is a small business, and ran one server as a domain controller - a PowerEdge T110 II, now out of warranty. It was a hard drive failure. The hard drives was replaced, and the hardware is now all fine. However, I don't have a disc for the operating system. It was running Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard. I still have the product key, but not the disc. I cannot find any links to download an iso file for this anywhere, nor can I locate any discs. Can anybody point me in the right direction?

'LINK' Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2011 Iso Download

My customer had a server crash and is currently unable to locate the original Dell installation media for SBS 2011 Standard. All links I find in my web searches refer to a tech net subscriptions or a Microsoft site that doesn't hold an actual download link. Does anyone have a Dell download link that they know is viable?

Q: After selecting a language, either nothing happens, or the tool displays error code 715-123130. A: This happens when Microsoft's server has blocked your IP address from downloading any more files. Wait at least 24 hours, then try again later. It might also help using a different online connection, and/or a different computer, and/or signing into with a different Live ID. Q: Can you provide a tool for Firefox or Chrome? A: Plugins for those browsers already exist. Please use Google to find them. Some downloads can be accessed by faking the user agent string. Q: Can you provide a tool for .NET 2.x, 3.x, or older IE versions? A: No, we don't have the resources for creating that many versions. All Windows editions that are still supported (Windows 7 or newer), can run the download tool. You might need to update your Internet Explorer or .NET version to make it work. Q: I'd like to contribute a translation to the download tool in a language that's not on the list. A: Thank you for your offer to help. The download tool integrates content from that's not available in your language. Localization is therefore currently not possible. Q: What's the difference between "English" and "English International" in the language drop down? A: "English" is US English, "English International" is UK English. (We can't do anything about that, as those are the official language designations coming from Microsoft...) Q: I don't know which file I need to download for my Windows edition. A: Please disable the "expert mode", which will leave the file that you most likely need in the download selection. Q: How can I install Windows from a USB drive? A: We recommend using Rufus for that. Q: Does the tool pick up aborted downloads? A: No. If your internet connection is unstable, we suggest pasting the download link into a download manager.//

Normally, enterprise edition of Windows 10 are deployed to new laptop in organizations. So, I am going to download Windows 10 21H2 (business editions). Click the Download button and save the Windows 10 21H2 ISO file on SCCM server.


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