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Jared Bass
Jared Bass

Happenlance Over The Network

Friends!! Our game Sir Happenlance is currently hosting a Live Playtest Event over on the discord - feel free to hop in-game and play a PvP round against me or anyone else! We're in need of feedback on peer-to-peer latency, networking quality, and gameplay opinions!! I'd really appreciate if you stopped by for a bit ?

Happenlance over the network

Sir Happenlance started out as a challenge we set for ourselves to finish and ship a commercial game in (about) one month. It's written mostly from scratch in C++ using OpenGL and DXGI1.3 for graphics, but we do use Box2D for physics, ENet and Steamworks for networking, SoLoud for audio, and SDL2 as a platform layer. We also published some devlogs documenting our progress and explaining the design and technical decisions we make along the way!

Although Lance Bass has never officially left the entertainment industry, he seems to be in the throes of a comeback. E! is having a 90-minute special documenting Bass and Michael Turchin's wedding, but since it's not live, I had to wonder when Lance Bass actually got married. It's an understatement to say that Bass isn't the most famous former member of *NSYNC, so although Bass's wedding may not have graced the cover of People magazine (ahem, Justin Timberlake), the outlet still covered the couple's big day. People reported that Bass and Turchin were married on Dec. 20, 2014.

Bass described their ceremony as "unique" to People and with supermodel flower girls and Joanna Garcia Swisher and Jamie-Lynn Sigler officiating, it definitely sounds like a unique party that I wish I could have attended. (And that's not even covering the fact that JC Chasez reportedly performed during the couple's first dance!) But E! has got us people who are experiencing FOMSYWIT ("fear of missing something you weren't invited to) covered by having this television special. Yay the world is good! Now, why oh why can't I be invited to a wedding where there is potential for an ex-boyband member to photo bomb a picture I'm in? Is that just too much to ask?

And what makes Bass and Turchin's televised wedding more memorable than just your average televised celebrity wedding is the fact that E! claims it's the "first time an American television network is broadcasting a celebrity wedding between two men." I realize there are a lot of factors in that "first time" statement and when I originally saw E! claiming the special was "historic," I was skeptical. Although I do not normally count celebrity weddings as historical (if they were, then me eating a burrito could also be counted as a historical event since it's an event that happens just as frequently), I still am excited that this actual historical event is taking place.

This would have further knock-on financial consequences over the next two years as teams are required to score in two of three championship seasons in order to qualify for the full range of commercial benefits.

The new investors (Stroll & Co.) want to buy the assets of the team, not take over the company it seems by reading that. If they take over the existing company they assume liability of all current and previous debts, including tax debts etc. They would not want that from Vijay.

That statement is flat out incorrect. The reason for calling in debts owed to Perez and his backers, was that VJ was never going to sell at any price he did not think fair. It was in his interest to get as high a price as possible, even if in doing so the FI going bankrupt. Complicated as this undoubtedly is, this really was the easiest for forward for FI. I would go further, and say even if FI loose the historic performance payments for been a new entry, whatever stroll and his other investors paid, will be a lot less than it would have been had they bought the team without legal trouble from the owners, and certainly starting a new team from scratch. These teething problems will be overcome, (hopefully), as it is in everyone interest for this team with 2 cars on the grid.

The largest creditor of the team was Mallya himself, there was no way a minor creditor could liquidise the whole team. Perez started a hostile takeover which by the looks of things is not going smoothly.

Cowboys' new linebacking duo of Micah Parsons and Keanu Neal: Neal came with Dan Quinn and changed positions. He is now officially a starter alongside Parsons, with veterans Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Esch coming off the bench. This is remarkable, considering Smith's contract and Vander Esch's draft pedigree combined with his electric rookie season. But Parsons is simply too good to keep off the field; the No. 12 overall pick's lining up at middle linebacker, Vander Esch's position. Neal passing Smith so quickly is a bigger eye-opener and raises more questions about Smith's future.

Colts' young pass rushers: The reports out of Colts camp have been uniformly impressed with No. 21 overall pick Kwity Paye. His burst was obvious on a lighting-fast sack of Kirk Cousins on Saturday. The Colts need Paye to be a factor right away. Meanwhile, former second round pick Ben Banogu continued a big month with a strong game against the Vikings.

Lance's bumpy snaps are to be expected for a rookie. After Lance started 1-for-6 with his own deflected interception, the No. 3 overall pick led the 49ers on a touchdown drive in the two-minute drill and added another scoring march in the second half, complete with a gorgeous bullet scoring throw to Travis Benjamin after he looked off defenders. Still, there have been sluggish moments beyond the highlights. Lance was given 14 drives in two games!

Ja'Marr Chase: The No. 5 overall pick couldn't come down with three catchable passes in three drives Friday. This would be less of a concern if it didn't mirror Chase's reported problems with drops and separation throughout camp. It won't be a surprise if Chase starts the season clearly behind Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd in production. Paul Dehner of The Athletic believes that Auden Tate could wind up cutting into Chase's snaps, too.

Penei Sewell: The Lions drafted Sewell No. 7 overall, then made him change positions. I'll never understand that strategy, and the early returns are not positive. You don't need to be Daniel Jeremiah to see that Sewell hasn't looked comfortable at right tackle. Just look at his usage: Some Lions starters rested Saturday, while others came out of the game before Sewell because the rookie needed extra work.

Vikings' backup quarterback situation: Remember when Jake Browning was the only Vikings quarterback in camp, so everyone said he'd win the backup job over rookie Kellen Mond? Now it appears like no one wants this job. With Minnesota's offense looking brutal through two weeks, the Vikings are playing with fire here.

I recently had the opportunity to grab coffee with one of the most genuine and helpful entrepreneurs around. His name is Lance Trebesch, the CEO and Co-owner of Ticket River + Since becoming a co-owner in 2007, Lance has helped the company grow tremendously. With over 100,000 customers and counting, they've seen a growth rate of 25-30% year after year. The company now operates in 3 continents including North America, Europe, and Australia.

In the wake of the Titans hiring former Niners director of player personnel, Ran Carthon, as their new general manager, the former No. 3 overall pick from 2021 made a social media post that raised some eyebrows.

A fact of which I am sure all my husbands, without exception, would attest, Sir. For they all died most happy Sir, most happy indeed they were Sir." Andy stared at the woman, incited by her cold, pale body, like a beautifully carved marble statue, and mesmerised by her warm, seductive smile, his loins, as usual, overriding discretion. Reaching out, he touched her cold breasts, feeling them warm beneath his hands as his touch gave her life and her dormant blood filled her veins. Stooping to kiss her nipples, Andy noted how firm and perfectly formed her breasts were, the best, he felt sure, that he had ever touched. Placing her lips on his, Mary kissed him, conveying all the passion that had built inside her during her long sleep and making Andy's pulse race as it had never raced before. He could feel Mary's body come alive as, parting her course hairs, he touched her cunt, already damp with dormant desire. Descending to her knees, she took Andy into her mouth, sucking and licking him.

Of course, for any of this to happen, Lance would have to completely shred the league in his first full year as a starter, which would be a dream scenario for San Francisco after giving up so much capital to draft him a little over a year ago. 041b061a72


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