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Mastering First/Last Goal Betting: Ensuring a 100% Effective Play Experience

First/Last Goal betting is one of the most popular wagers among bettors due to its simplicity and high win probability. In this article, we delve into the details of First/Last Goal betting, accompanied by expert tips gathered from seasoned players. Follow along with football tips monday  to learn more!

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Introduction to First/Last Goal Betting First/Last Goal betting is a familiar concept to most players. As the name suggests, it involves predicting which team will score the first and last goals in a match. In addition to First/Last Goal betting, some bookmakers offer other betting forms such as both teams not scoring, first goal scorer, etc.

Explaining First/Last Goal Betting First/Last Goal betting typically offers two formats: betting on either half or the entire match, depending on individual preferences. Betting on the entire match usually garners more attention. In full match First/Last Goal betting, points are calculated based on the entire official playing time plus stoppage time, with goals not recognized by the referee recalculated.

For most bettors, this is a straightforward and enjoyable bet type offered by many bookmakers in various stake levels. It's no surprise that an increasing number of gamers are opting to participate in this bet.

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Potential Winnings from First/Last Goal Betting First/Last Goal betting can yield substantial winnings due to significantly higher odds compared to Asian Handicap and Over/Under bets.

Typically, easier bets to win offer odds starting from 1.5. Conversely, riskier bets can offer odds ranging from 3 to 10 times the bet amount, potentially leading to substantial winnings but are harder to win.

Take, for example, a match between Chelsea and Man Utd. In this scenario, betting on the first goal scorer, Chelsea has odds of 1.51, Man Utd 3.04, and betting on neither team scoring offers odds as high as 9.90.

Calculating First/Last Goal Betting Odds Calculating winnings is straightforward since this bet type doesn’t involve half-win or half-loss scenarios. Instead, you either win all or lose all your bet.

To calculate winnings: Winning amount = Bet amount x Odds.

For instance, if you bet on Chelsea to score the first goal at odds of 1.51 and wagered 100,000 VND, your potential winnings would be: 100,000 VND x 1.51.

Understanding First/Last Goal Betting To win, it's essential to grasp the basics of this bet type and gather information.

1. Reading Betting Tables On bookmakers' betting tables, First/Last Goal betting includes essential information such as:

  • Tournament name, names of the two teams competing.

  • Timing of the bet: First Half (H1) or Full Time (FT).

Additionally, there are other bet types available:

  • First Goal: Betting on which team scores first after the starting whistle.

  • Last Goal: Betting on which team scores last before the final whistle.

  • No Goals: Equivalent to betting on the match ending with a 0-0 score.

For each bet type, there's a single set of odds, representing the payout for that outcome if successful. Depending on each team's capability, odds vary and are subject to change during the match.

2. Betting Rules for First/Last Goal Betting Not every goal is counted towards the bet outcome. Goals considered valid for First/Last Goal betting include:

  • Goals recognized by the main referee and displayed on the match scoreboard.

  • Goals scored due to an own goal are credited to the opposing team.

  • Match cancellation before the start results in ticket cancellation and refund.

  • Match cancellation after the start and before any goal is scored results in ticket cancellation without refund. If a goal has been scored, the first goal bet is counted, and the last goal bet is canceled.

3. Placing Bets Once you understand what First/Last Goal betting entails, the next crucial step is knowing how to place your bet:

  • Betting timing: Bet can be placed before or during the match if no goal has been scored. Once a goal has been scored, only the Last Goal bet remains available.

  • Odds: Calculated at the time of ticket confirmation.

  • Betting process: Click on the odds of your chosen outcome, enter the stake amount, and confirm.

This comprehensive guide provides a clear understanding of First/Last Goal betting, empowering bettors with the knowledge needed to enjoy and soccer tips website 

In conclusion, First/Last Goal betting offers a straightforward yet engaging option for sports enthusiasts and bettors alike. With its simplicity and potential for substantial winnings, this type of bet attracts a growing number of participants seeking both entertainment and profit. Understanding the nuances of First/Last Goal betting, including reading betting tables, betting rules, and strategic considerations, is crucial for maximizing success. As outlined, careful attention to match dynamics and betting timing can enhance one's chances of making informed decisions. Whether wagering on the first goal scorer or predicting the final goal, First/Last Goal betting provides an exciting dimension to sports betting, making it a favored choice among many.


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